Clairvoyant Self-Study Program

The Clairvoyant Self-Study Program is a weekly, meditation program designed to help you open your clairvoyance and work energy at your own pace.

Each week you will receive a new class (audio recording), which you can listen to at your leisure. You will also receive an energy check, or healing/reading, one-on-one from Josh. We will sit down once a week together for an hour and meditate.

If you have any questions about your training you are welcome to call me up and ask them or discuss them after your energy check. I am generally pretty relaxed about the time limits. I have plenty of written materials and recordings to help you with filling in the gaps; this might not seem like a big deal, but it is unheard of in the institutional psychic culture.

You will also receive various reading, healing, and other clairvoyant assignments to help you get the practical real world experience needed to become a practiced reader. You may be invited to read with my colleagues and I at various times.

The self-study program is a preferable option for international students, people with busy schedules, or for people who do not live near a psychic institute.

Week 1: Owning your Creativity

What are your hidden gifts? Discover the creative gifts you have to give the world. Learn about the concept of "matching" energy. Own your creativity on a whole new level with this class. You'll learn about your innate male/female creativity and energy. And you'll learn a very powerful tool for raising your ability to have whatever you want to create in your life. Imagine feeling those creative peak moments again and bringing that back into your life.

What unconscious limitations or games prevent you from creating the way you want to? Who creates through you? Come discover your own answers. This class prepares you for subsequent classes and it stirs up energy you are ready to release and gives you more space to have your enthusiasm.

Take your creativity up a notch with this class!

Week 2: Fundamentals Class

In this class you will discover the fundamental tools necessary for creating a clairvoyant reading space and clairvoyant meditation space. You will examine the tools from a "no rules" perspective; as well as how to maintain your space and the number one reason to read clairvoyantly (it isn't what you might think). You will learn about reading screens and receptacles, how to end karma, how to kick everyone else's emotions out of your space, how to be present in your body, where to set your chakras at for an optimal reading, how to read the layers of the aura, and a whole lot more.

We will examine the concept of reading and what's your information vs. other people's information; this includes the concept of reading from other people's reading screens, and pictures, as opposed to your screen, your imagination, your memory banks, and your matches. We explore this topic in a depth that is left unaddressed at most psychic schools because it is so touchy and goes against the institutional doctrine. You will also learn how to establish a safe reading space and all the different kinds of distractions and problems that can interfere with a reading space (family energy, unconscious energy, spirit troublemakers, etc).

This is the nuts and bolts of clairvoyant reading!

Week 3: Enlightenment Roses Class

Whose concept of enlightenment are you operating from? In this class we will examine your innate ability to enlighten yourself and how to use that ability in different spaces in your life, including your clairvoyance. How would you like to enlighten, and bring more awareness, into your love life or your career space? What about your financial space?

This class allows you to access your own information on the concept of enlightenment and release everyone else's concepts and stories. You will also receive a reading in this class on your innate ability to enlighten yourself and the energy that affects that ability.

This is a very powerful and exclusive class that is taught only through!

Week 4: Reading Space Class

In this class you will discover the ins and outs of a clairvoyant reading space. You will learn how to do past life readings using two different methods. You will discover the difference between reading from your sixth chakra versus reading from your heart chakra, and the biggest mistake many professional psychics make. Come learn why reading clairvoyantly is a supreme way to validate and give to yourself, and how you can use it to get your own answers and heal yourself, all at the same time! You will find serenity knowing how to access the answers of your heart at any time with clarity and precision.

In this class we examine the real reason behind running energy and doing clairvoyant style meditation (it's not to heal yourself, even though that is one of the primary benefits). And you will also get a very powerful tool for manifesting and creating what you want from a space of ease and effortlessness. You will learn how to move everyone else's energy off of your creations and why creating from a space of neutrality makes things effortless and easy.

Week 5: Spirit Communication

Get your personal healing guide. Learn how to Give an Energy Check. Fourth Chakra Self-Healing Awareness, Divine Heart Space, Self-Image/Affinity Space. Learn how spirit guides and other beings may interfere with readings and how to deal with it.

Weeks 6 - 7: Male/Female only classes.

In these classes you will be introduced to energy and concepts that are gender specific. Women will learn how to amp up their personal creative power and men will learn how to let go of female energy and problems.

Weeks 8: Advanced Healing Topics

You will learn Christ Force healing, energy channel healing, and gold creative ring healings.

Week 9: Your Analyzer/ Parasympathetic/Sympathetic Nervous System

In this class you will experience a deeply satisfying out-of-body style healing and learn why turning off the "figure everything out" sub-personality called your "analyzer" is tremendously helpful for clairvoyant reading.

Week 10: Epigenetics and your Innate Spiritual Information

In this class you will recognize where and how you are running off of your family's genetic programming and make the change to run your energy through your soul's own innate spiritual information.

Week 11: Erasure Tool

You will learn the "atomic bomb" of psychic tools. Beings can really no longer toy with you after you learn this tool.

Week 12: Deprogramming

Learn how to move out everyone else's control energy from your aura, body, and chakras.

Beyond Week 12

The realm of psychic discovery is vast. You are welcome to explore the hundreds of hours of material I have available beyond the initial 12 week program and continue the self-study program subscription for as long as you want.

Please note: sessions for the weekly hourly meditation sessions are held via Skype. You receive 4 audio classes, and 4 energy checks, a month. Please be aware, we do not offer refunds.

All sales are final. This program is a recurring, monthly, subscription.