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soul-purpose.jpgWould you like more clarity about your spirit's purpose this lifetime? Do you feel like you're wandering or waiting?

What energy tools would help you help yourself the most right now?

I remember the first day of class, my soon-to-be favorite English professor wrote the word "inspiration" in big chalky white letters on the blackboard. Then he wrote the definition next to it: "to be filled with spirit." What inspires you? What is it that you enjoy creating?

As spirits, our life's path twists and turns. We go through many different growth experiences and are offered many opportunities and lessons. How are you grounding yourself? Is it through the image of your soul purpose?

Clairvoyant author Debra Lynne Katz explains, "When I was in the Philippines studying healing with the faith healers, that was my purpose, when I was in film school that was my soul purpose, when I published my first book, I had found my soul purpose as a writer. In all of these moments, I clung to this concept, this notion, this picture that I was doing my soul purpose because these thought forms made me feel safe. Essentially I grounded through these pictures."

Being grounded and the way that you ground are very important; it defines how, and how well, you are able to weave your soul's purpose into this life. In a soul purpose reading we also look at your own personal concept of your life path. Are you treating it like a life raft or a distant prize? An endless series of stairs? Or maybe a vacation? How does your picture of your spiritual path influence your ability to fully embrace your higher spiritual purpose?

I have read people who were not entirely in agreement to what their spirit wanted; this can be the case especially if the inner communication is not there or if there is a lot of troublesome karma involved. And some people are simply on "spiritual vacations" so to speak, and their purpose is mostly to relax, and create whatever they want in the body, before their spirit is ready to take on a more challenging set of life experiences. In essence, your higher spiritual purpose is not necessarily always set in stone.

Usually there are marker points for experiences our spirits would like us to have and we have a certain amount of leeway in-between those points. And sometimes we can change course and chart a new path entirely.

Where are you searching for your purpose? I once read a man who was looking for his purpose in all the wrong places. I clairvoyantly saw him looking for his purpose — "is it here in this cup? Maybe it's here under this cushion? Maybe in the fridge?" And while it made me chuckle a little bit when I saw that, it was actually very real for him. He was lost.

When I saw him trying to take his next steps on his spiritual path it was as if he was jumping off a diving board, except the diving board kept cracking half-way through his jump. It is no surprise that when you are completely confused about your spiritual path it is difficult to take your next steps and move forward in a positive way.

So ask yourself: where are you searching for your spiritual purpose? In the body? In your emotional space? In your will power? In a soulmate or relationship? In a job? How does your purpose manifest in your communication space and how you see the world?

And most importantly: which of those areas validates, supports, and is most aligned with your spiritual purpose?

Imagine feeling grounded and safe, knowing that you're on your path — moving forward — regardless of the potholes, bumps, and detours you'll inevitably find yourself going through along the way. Take your next step and get a Soul Purpose reading today.

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