Audio Meditations

These standard format mp3 recordings are from past clairvoyant group workshops I have held and include comments, questions, and input from the participants, who are students, colleagues, and friends. I felt that this information was valuable, and informative, and so I decided to keep the recordings as they were done, rather than edit them down to total sterility.

This gives you the opportunity to experience the workshops as if you were there when they were originally held. These workshops were done over Skype and the recording quality ranges from good to very good.

There is just over 11 hours of material here. Each individual recording is between 30 to 60 megabytes, and an hour to two hours long. The total size for all recordings is 315 megabytes, so you will need to have an Internet connection that can download those files.

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Anchor Points (86 minutes)
These are often overlooked/neglected by many meditators and talked about in confusing ways by people outside the clairvoyant training tradition. Nowadays, in the tech age, there are more than a few images which have been associated with this concept. Come look at this concept for yourself.

Anchor points are points throughout the body that "anchor" your spirit into your body; they are different from the chakras. We will explore this topic and heal ourselves in this class using our clairvoyant tools. We will also say hello to our body being communication space, as well as look at our information on when we go out of body, and more.

Peak Experiences (86 minutes)
These experiences can be brought on by going under anesthesia for major surgery, ingesting psychedelics, and by near death experiences. Psychologist Abraham Maslow would describe peak experience to include "feelings of limitless horizons opening up to the vision, the feeling of being simultaneously more powerful and also more helpless than one ever was before, the feeling of great ecstasy and wonder and awe, and the loss of placing in time and space."

This can also include intense experiences during sex, and sometimes, experiences on the astral. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to look at the concept for yourself and call back your energy from those experiences, see how much information you are owning from them, where you might be matching peak experience energy in your day to day life and how you can use that energy in the present. We will explore this and more.

Seniority (72 minutes)
Say hello to your seventh chakra. What pictures are in here? How are you owning this space for yourself? What energies, beings, or people prevent you from owning your crown? What pictures are underneath those energies? Light up any childhood images or experiences that may still be in here and release them in this space.

You will also say hello to ending group agreements that are no longer in present time and a whole lot more in this workshop.

Transmedium Workshop (63 minutes)
What is transmediumship? How do you use TM energy in your life (consciously or unconsciously)? When do you use it? How do you recognize it? How can you get out of resistance to it? How does it interfere with you? Where is all the unconscious energy in your space around it?

How do you use your transmediumship body/transmediumship being abilities? How can you use your channeling ability?

Let's go to white, blow some pictures, and discover some new things.

Feet Chakras & Earth Energy (61 minutes)
Learn about how to get in touch with your feet chakras, the rings beneath them, all the layers of stuck energy, and pictures, in them. How clean and clear your feet chakras are have a lot to do with your ability to ground and release energy.

There is a lot of very interesting information when it comes to these chakras, and not much written material about them. Some Buddhists say they contain all of your hell karma; they have guarded techniques to open these chakras that would make any clairvoyant student scratch their heads at their underlying simplicity. Examine them for yourself clairvoyantly, discover your own information, and give yourself a healing in this space. We will move out machines and any level of automatic programming from this space.

We will run different kinds of earth energy through our lower chakras too. Sometimes going back to basics is really important and an excellent way to heal yourself from a space of simplicity. Is it time to update your earth energy information?

Karma (118 minutes)
Explore your own information about karma in this workshop. Move your family out of your space and own your ability to end karma. Examine group agreements – who are you creating karma with? Where are you in resistance to your karma?

Baby Beings (70 minutes)
"Baby beings" are simply beings who want to be your children; they are spirits you have agreements with on some level. They can be incredibly persistent, aggressive, and even troublesome. How are baby beings affecting and influencing you?

What agreements do you have with them? Where are you unconscious to them? How can you use them and what do they look like to you?

Learn to recognize their unique vibration, and the spectrum of vibrations these beings exist upon. Discover the objects these kinds of beings like to hide out in. Is it time to kick them out of your space or put them to work for you?

Open Eye Reading Workshop (128 minutes)
Take a look at your reading screen from the eyes open perspective. What invalidates us using open eye psychic reading? Look at energy that wants you to go TM and separate from it.

Are you psychic at the grocery store? Do you want to be? Let's look at the boundaries in your reading spaces and examine how you set energy for your clairvoyant space when you are not working with clients, healing, etc. Where do you want to read from when you have your eyes open? The sixth chakra? The seventh? Your hands? Find out what works for you.

Let's say hello to being in the sixth chakra and then move into the seventh and then practice reading from that space. Discover the difference. Lastly you will take a look at the energy for each eye – specifically on your cornea, aqueous humor, iris, lens, vitreous humor, surrounding muscle, & the optic nerve.

Please note: All sales are final.