Empath Test

Are you wondering, "Am I an empath?" An empath is basically someone that can feel other people's energy and emotions as if they were their own.

Are you constantly feeling emotions when you're around other people and don't know why? If so, then you are most likely an empath and clairsentient.

If you're not sure whether you're an empath you can take this online quiz I created to get a better idea:

There are different ways you can empathically connect with others. One way, which is very common, is simply by expanding your aura into another person's aura. When most people interact they are not aware of where their aura is or where the person they are talking to has their aura. When this happens you end up sharing all kinds of energies together.

But if you're grounded and using psychic protection tools then you're much less likely to pick up on other people's energies in the first place. Without those tools life was hell for me. You also have to be aware of who you may be healing unconsciously and why. Many empaths are really just "out of control healers" with all kinds of unconscious limitation pictures and agreements about helping and healing other people.

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If you're around other people and you feel their pain then that means you are empathic.

My first most profound empathic experience was in a forest as a young kid - probably 5 or 6 years old. I was alone with my father and he was working on falling a tree. I was off somewhere nearby just out of sight and I stopped to look at this giant tree. I just stopped dead in front of the thing and looked right at it. And for about 2 seconds, I was filled with total and complete understanding. I was always disturbed by people that said animals and plants do not have consciousness after this experience.

In a more recent experience, I found a pine cone in the street and brought it into my home and put it on my desk. I was laying on bed watching a video and I started having all these chest pains and my nose was running and sneezing -- all very suddenly. After the video was over I went to my desk and felt a distinct lightness in the top of my head when looking at this pine cone. I could hear it crackling/opening up. It occurred to me that obviously this thing is under a huge amount of pressure to get the seeds out of the cone and that is what I was feeling. You can pick up other kinds of seeds/shells of seeds and feel similar pain.

A common misconception about empathy and clairsentience is that they are limited to emotion. I have seen this description on quite a lot of websites; it is almost like the pop psychology explanation that just scratches the surface.

An even broader misconception is that emotions and feelings are the same thing - or that there are no feelings beyond emotion. There are so many energies beyond normal, socially accepted, emotions that words fail very quickly. Just think about how there are thousands upon thousands of experiences described by music, art, and poetry - filling many libraries.

Another big misconception I read about empathy is that it is limited to people. In other words it gets brushed off as a perceptual filter based on physical and linguistic cues. I'm gonna come right out and say that the body language explanation is simply ridiculous. You don't need to see or even have ever met a person to empathically feel their energy. An empath is not limited by space or time. You can tune into how someone feels thousands of miles away or many years ago.

Empathy and projection into auras is not limited to people. Basically any object that exists can be projected into with your mind and felt/experienced. Trees, stars, clothing, jewelry, seeds, bugs, animals, etc. When your body starts buzzing intensely after empathically merging with a star, and you start hearing music crystal clear in your head, it becomes very apparent that you are dealing with an expanded state of consciousness -- not body language cues. You can access deeply intense states of joy, understanding, peace, and emptiness by expanding your consciousness/aura into different beings and objects.

The socially acceptable form of empathy is between two people that love each other; it would not be abnormal to say that you can "tune in" and share emotions with your spouse. So empathy is a completely normal part of being human. I would say that empathy is merely the ability to expand your awareness out of your own body and into something else.