Relationships & Energy

There are two really big lies in our culture today: the first is that female energy and out of control transmedium energy are the same; this lie encourages women to lose their inner space and unconsciously run energy that is not theirs.

Transmedium energy and female energy can both vibrate really highly, and that is where the lie gets created.

The second big lie is that if there is an emergency, or need to help someone, that then you are required to give up your seniority over your fourth chakra, and heart-space, to out of control transmedium energy.

The way transmedium energy weaves its way through our relationships and world is myriad and too long to list here. But if you have ever dated someone who was a rollercoaster of drama and emotions, then congratulations, you dated someone who was not senior to transmedium energy.

Unfortunately, this describes most people on the planet at this time.

A lot of the games that go on between men and women are transmedium games; beings, i.e., spirits without bodies, are manipulating the communication space between the two partners. Of course this can't happen unless the two people are totally unconscious to what is really going on underneath the surface.

For example, some high strung women who like being told "no" by their man actually secretly want their man to tell the unconscious transmedium energy in their space "no," because they have no seniority over that energy. So something like that sets the stage to have a relationship from a game space because one person needs the other to validate their lack of boundaries and non-permission to run their own control energy in the third and seventh chakras.

Men are tired of the out of control transmedium energy, and the drama that comes as a result, that women channel unconsciously. And 99% of men have no idea it even exists! They just go around thinking women are crazy! Hilarious. Men are also tired of having to ground women's emotions. Conversely, women are tired of all the male control energy in their space from the men in their lives who are trying to control that transmedium energy for them. And women are also tired of continually trying to heal it all on an emotional, second chakra, level and wondering why doing that doesn't really work.

Almost no one even has the language to define these things, so how are they going to see and get senior to them and bust these energetic games?

Most of humanity is completely blanked out by all the transmedium and machine energy out there. Very few people on the planet know they are a spirit in a body, and even fewer know how to create from the perspective of their spirit.

So it is no wonder that so many people have relationship problems; if you can't differentiate your energy from the foreign energy in your own space then how are you going to say hello to your partner, rather than the foreign energy in their space? If you can't, then you will mistake all the transmedium energy sitting in a person's space for them – as if it were actually that person. Where do you think drama really arises from?

Male/female interaction goes way beyond male and female energy.

When you date someone you also come into connection with all of their spirit guides, religious, or atheist, energy, their family beings, their out of control healing agreements, and their karma. All of these things can heavily influence the relationship space. If you don't know how to work through that stuff, or have the tools to even see it, then how can you be surprised when things blow up? If you have no seniority over the nastiest destroy energies then arguments and drama will consume your relationships.

The partners you attract into your life are mostly a result of three things: your current growth period, your karma, and, lastly, the underlying, and often unconscious, images (mental pictures) in your inner space. Most people create relationships to work through their karma with another person and to grow as a spirit. So if you don't know how to end your karma, or if you don't have clairvoyant tools, then you are in big trouble.

Most people, having no seniority, or awareness of the concept of ending karma through meditation, have to let their karma play out and manifest in the world around them in a very unconscious fashion – all while struggling to not get stuck in the pictures, beliefs, and attitudes that created the karma in the first place. This is not an ideal situation.

If you can't end karma then you are in trouble and relationships should be the least of your need to get some tools first.

Part of me feels like saying, "if you can't end karma, just stay in bed; don't leave the house. Just don't do anything (but don't do nothing either)...just hide yourself away because otherwise life is just going to become this big disaster." And for a lot of people, it is. Most people are creating their lives completely unconsciously.

That is why so many people think having their heart broken is somehow this terrible thing. When you give others the seniority/power to destroy your self-affinity space, then it does become a big deal. When you think pictures are more than just pictures, because you can't release them, then they define you and your perceptions. You will fall into pictures and identify them as if they were you, rather than being neutral and simply channeling your own spirit.

When your awareness has fallen into so many pictures that you see through all of them unconsciously – i.e., they completely filter and occlude your vision – and when the visceral emotions and energies of those pictures consume the three dimensions of your whole bodyspace then chances are you won't even be communicating with your partner, because you will just be seeing your own pictures, pre-conceptions, and self-fulfilling limitation beliefs. Now imagine if the other partner is doing all this too – the communication space will get so destroyed that the couple can't even have a simple conversation without a problem arising.

And what if, on top of all that, you lose your space so much to your partner that their energy, and all the transmedium energy affecting them, is completely influencing you because now it's in your body too?

This situation I just described in the last two paragraphs is what most people call love!

Insane! Love doesn't mean being consumed by someone else's energy in your space, or having your energy in your partner's space; that can be a world of fun, and it can be part of close relationships, but it isn't the definition of love. Two people cannot have a relationship if there is only one big energetic blob. It takes two, separate, distinct people, to relate and communicate.

In our culture, love is mostly romanticized as losing oneself in another, i.e., losing one's inner space, rather than gaining more clarity over it. With clairvoyant tools, you can still lose your space to something, or someone, but it doesn't have to define you anymore. It's transitory because you know how to find your space again. You know who you are as a spirit, in the body, on a practical level.

Ideally, it means as you grow you are able to have and own your inner space more and more in each relationship – you are able to become more of who you really are as a spirit. It means you can say hello to, and validate, your partner's actual spirit, rather than all of the foreign energy they have unconsciously channeled their entire life that they have come to identify with.

If you have clairvoyant tools – if you can destroy pictures and release energy – if you can run your own affinity energy, then you tap into a deep level of love that feels so good that it becomes totally validating. You can have psychedelic level experiences in the body through meditation alone.

That is why so many spiritual people lose their neutrality, because they go too far into the heart and then everything becomes an out of control healing game, which often just turns into a big transmedium hurricane. Sometimes that's fun too, though. But only when you can say, "enough is enough" and actually stop it – when it is a choice, and not a demand, in your space.

So how much meditation are you willing to do to create the space inside yourself to have the relationship you want? Several months? Years? Sometimes creating real change means sloughing off decades of past life experiences, family limitations, and foreign control energies, so that you can get your space clear enough to create what you want in present time – or even just clear your space enough to see what you actually want.

How much are you actually in your body as a spirit? If you're out of body because of all the pain pictures in your space then how are you going to create for yourself if you can't run your energy through your own pictures?

You'll just get stuck in no-man's land. Regular meditation and clairvoyant meditation tools end this game. Unless you go to a modern psychic institute, or learn from someone who did, very few people out there will be able to teach you how to effectively release energy, and the underlying pictures, in a way that is purely functional – i.e., without all the healing games, unnecessary agreements, and nonsense rituals.

You can release energies all day long, but unless you move out the underlying sub-conscious picture, the situation will just get re-created.

Very few people are going to tell you that you might need to meditate for months, or even years, to attract the partner you truly desire. The real question is: how much do you have your space for you? Are you running your own energy?

There is actually quite a bit of male/female energy related information out there when it comes to dating, relationships, and love, but most of it hinges on cultural pictures. It is for people who do not have meditation tools. It is mostly useless to generalize how men and women interact, because that is deeply personal and reliant upon one's karma, sub-conscious pictures, and how transmedium the couple is – in addition to everything else. If you don't know how to manipulate your karma or destroy pictures then you are at the mercy of the whims of the external world; anyone remotely capable will be able to program and control you. And when the transmedium energy does it? You will just think it is your own thoughts and feelings...

You should never go out with a potential date without first looking at your karma with that person. Really, you should not bother to go out with someone you have not first spent at least 5-10 minutes clairvoyantly reading – i.e., saying hello to them as a spirit.

And ideally, when you are single, you should first clairvoyantly interview, and then meet, on the astral, the spirits of potential partners your spirit wishes to date. Take a look at that person's spiritual goals as well as your spiritual goals; think about what you want to receive from your next relationship and explore what that person can teach you. Look at the end of the relationship with that person and imagine it as a painting. What does the final painting look like? Is that something you want to create with them and bring into your life?

Most of the dating information out there can be placed into two primary categories: biology pictures and social programming pictures; neither of these are ideal platforms to run your creative energy through. The language and terminology for these categories is horribly distorted because they both involve some level of game, or limitation, energy. Do you really want to create your relationships based off of all the unconscious survival pictures in your inner space?

Ideally, you want to be running your own spirit's information and pictures – not your ancestral genetic pictures or cultural information, because most of that information will act as lies in your bodyspace.