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San Francisco Bay Area


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I am a professional psychic, a writer, and a creative soul. I have taught meditation classes in San Francisco and I currently teach clairvoyant training courses via Skype.

My story is about thriving, hence the name of this site.

For a long time I felt lost in the dark corridors of my own speculations, fears, frustrations, and distractions — all while trying to understand myself and the world around me. You know how it feels when the world seems like a cloudy and confusing maze. I spent more than a few years stuck thinking about thinking and philosophy.

I had no idea why I felt sick or drained around certain people or that I was constantly picking up on other people's energies. I developed unhealthy, and unconscious, methods of dealing with the overwhelming stress of living life without clairvoyant tools. My body was full of pain and tension.

It felt like my own inner learning curve was pummeling me against the sandy shores of my own ignorance. I eventually graduated from San Francisco State in 2005 with a Bachelors in English Literature and was mostly an academic and a writer. I love writing and it is one of my passions.

In 2007 I started studying body and mind awareness exercises, going to Pilates, and getting Rolfed — a kind of intense body work; I learned that all of our unresolved emotional and psychological issues are stored "in our tissues" on an energetic level. But aside from my body worker I didn't really have any mentors and I certainly didn't know that there were communities and people out there who were willing to help me learn and grow beyond my own limitations and all of the unnecessary pain I was experiencing.

I spent a long time trying to figure out things myself, reading a few books on meditation here and there, and experimenting on my own. And while I made some progress, I did not get very far for all the time I spent on it. I was more or less way out of my body for two years experiencing all kinds of fun and wild stuff, but everyone I talked to told me that I needed to ground. Eventually I realized that I needed to learn from more experienced people and reflect off of them so that I could see specifically where my own blind spots were.

That proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Eventually, my body worker referred me to the Berkeley Psychic Institute where I studied clairvoyant meditation, clairsentience, and esoteric meditation techniques. Imagine finally being able to release everyone else's energy, expectations, judgments, stresses, pains, responsibilities, and guilt! Learning these tools was a major shift for me.

I studied with both obscure and famous mentors along the way who introduced me to all kinds of amazing experiences with hypnosis, body awareness, sub-personalities, and energy work. I learned how to recognize my own energy. I was lucky enough to study with a whole bunch of top psychics and become part of their network. I also studied at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera and I learned how powerful hypnotherapy was as a tool for inner development.

I quickly realized after graduating from my psychic school that the level of creativity I was looking for would be found within a support network of creative grads who went on to do their own things outside of an institutional setting. I started to create my own set of tools and classes that expanded upon what I had learned and took things a step further. Eventually, I completed the Go to White program and the Wellness Alchemy program and have gone on to create my own graduate level training information.

There is always a bigger stepping stone ahead for each of us on life's strange, twisting, psychedelic journey. An excellent next step is to learn the skills and tools which will allow you to truly thrive in life.