Modern Psychics are Trained and Certified

Hamsa.jpgThe mysterious green gypsy days of the past are long gone. You know the psychic readers with the colorful headscarves and crystal balls -- incense wafting through the air. The Professional Intuitive landscape is quite different now than it was 30 or 40 years ago, which was way before my time.

Now day's most modern psychics go through a 1 - 2 year training program where they have to do hundreds of readings and devote hundreds of hours of their time toward a minister's or associate minister's license and certificate.

It includes looking at thousands of pictures clairvoyantly and learning more meditation tools than most people would ever imagine. Many of the students in these schools are regular people, hiding their intuitive abilities during their normal social lives -- people that are purely interested in their own personal growth, hence they never become professional readers. There are around 8,000 graduates in the US from these schools as of 2012.

The advantage of working with or getting a reading from a psychic who has gone through one of these programs is not only their breadth of experience, but also the access to tools and information that they have. Students and graduates of these programs have access to very powerful techniques that most naturally gifted psychics are unaware of.

Psychics from these institutes are also trained to be neutral to your energy and your questions. That means they don't create unhealthy situations with you on an energy level or take responsibility for your problems, although some clients actually seem to prefer the latter.

Neutrality is so important because if a psychic isn't neutral then the reading will be viewed from a perspective that is askew.

Another really big red flag is if your psychic can't be judgment free toward you or your situation. Judgment prevents someone from seeing clearly and clairvoyantly; it shifts and twists images -- making things look askew. Neutrality is necessary to see energy just as it is.

There are different philosophies about psychic reading and many different types of psychics. Some psychics read with the help of foreign beings, i.e., spirit guides. And some insist that remaining in their heart at all times is the best way to read you. Yet others read you from their Clairsentience, i.e., their Empathic ability to feel you, and will actually have to jump in your aura to feel what it's like to be you and access information about you.

Graduates from Psychic Institutes do not participate in any of that stuff, and instead read you from just behind their sixth chakra. And because of their rigorous training they can help you with deeper energetic issues than most psychics. Of course, none of this is very publicized though, so the average person is oblivious to how educated or experienced their psychic actually is.

There are people that want "free readings" to "test me" and I almost always turn them away. There are exceptions, but the problem is that people do not value free services and a free reading is, more often than not, an excuse to swear at and invalidate the reader when the client doesn't hear what they want.

If you want a free reading because you are genuinely unsure of a psychic's abilities I suggest you do some research on the different skills psychics possess and which kind of psychic best fits your needs. There are many legitimate intuitives out there. As a customer it is your responsibility to choose someone who is trustworthy. You wouldn't go to your dentist and ask them for a free cleaning just to make sure they're legitimate would you? I certainly hope not!

I had a lady call me one time and tell me that she threw away thousands on psychics and that she just couldn't afford another one. So the next time you are about to consult a psychic, ask them: "Are you in, or have you completed a 1 year Clairvoyant training program? What school did you study at? Who were your teachers?" Then go look up the info and see if it is legitimate. There are gifted naturals out there, but there are many scammers as well. So if the person isn't currently in, or hasn't graduated from, a popular Clairvoyant training school then I would personally look elsewhere. Plumbers, dentists, electricians, massage therapists, and most other professionals have credentials or certificates, why should your psychic be any different?

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