Spirit Guide Readings

spirit-guide2.jpgHow are your guides helping you? What contracts and agreements do you have with your guides? What is the best way you can communicate with them?

There is a lot of conditioning in our culture to give up seniority and certainty to spirit guides. There are just as many spirit tricksters and troublemakers out there as there are guides.

How are your guides affecting your energy and decisions? Are they perpetually in your aura? In a spirit guide reading I look at how you can have more say in what they do in your life, and how they do it.

And what kinds of things do you want your guides to do for you? Are your guides idle, waiting for you to give them something to do? You can have them help you with almost anything imaginable — from finding parking spots, to winning contests, to finding love and managing your dating experiences — they can also help you attract money and create new business opportunities. I even had one woman berate me for "outsourcing my life" to my astral helpers. Hey, they are there waiting to help you; why not utilize them?

Your spirit guides all have different specialties as well — so wouldn't it be nice to know which areas of your life they're best equipped to help you with?

While spirit guides can often have a wider vantage point of your life than you do at times, they are not all knowing and they do have their own limitations, desires, and karma. Often by working with you, they receive the chance to end karma. But it is also important to remember that your guides all have their own agendas too. Just what exactly is your karma with your guides? What were your past relationships like? Knowing this can give you the confidence that they are helping you move forward in the right direction in this lifetime.

And sometimes our spirit guides may even work against us unintentionally. Let's say you're looking for love. If your guides were your friends in a past life where you were all Buddhists and they are still enmeshed with those Buddhist ideas and beliefs they may feel that only a Buddhist partner is appropriate for you and, consequently, filter out a great potential mate.

Are your guides working with you in a fashion that you're in agreement to in the present or is it time to fire them and get some new guides? If your guides aren't working in agreement to you, and what you feel is your best interest, we will definitely help you update your agreements with the Divine Source to get some new ones.

A while back I gave my sister's friend a reading and one of her spirit guides was essentially grounding different art projects and job prospects for her - and this spirit guide felt overwhelmed and irritated at having to do all this work herself. It turned out that once my sister's friend learned to ground those things herself she got a new job quickly and her artwork was soon featured in a gallery.

Learning what your guides are doing and how they're doing it can make your life a whole lot easier and more efficient. Sometimes our guides can take on too much or are doing things that you should be doing yourself. How do you rely on your guides? These are just a few things I can look at for you as a professional intuitive.

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