Religious Control Energy

Religious control energy serves the function of replacing a person's innate control energy and preventing that person from actually being in their body as a spirit, i.e., owning their inner space for themselves.

All religions are controlled by transmedium middlemen beings, because that is their nature and purpose: to manage and control people's spiritual information, and karma, through larger group agreements.

If you have direct one-to-one communication with God then why would you need religion or to be "informed" by historical texts? From a religious perspective, there is no logical, or even spiritual, argument that can negate the concept of one-to-one communication. These transmedium beings essentially control entire congregations and act as middle men between followers and the Divine Source; though most of the time they just replace it completely.

That is why most religions consider spirits to be evil by nature, and advise you to avoid them completely, because once you start getting into enough communication with them it opens up a whole big can of logical questions that ends up bringing to light all the nonsense of the underlying religious control energy.

Also, to recognize them on any deeper level of specificity would mean admitting that it is possible to clairvoyantly see them, differentiate them, understand them, and deal with them in a variety of ways, and that would mean teaching you neutral tools; i.e., the very endgame they don't want you to discover: inner functionality and spiritual seniority.

Religious control beings without bodies don't want you knowing about them when they control everything behind the scenes on a totally unconscious transmedium level. That would bust their games. They love superstitious pictures and anything that causes a person to give up their power.

Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, small, or large – it doesn't matter – they all have religious control beings operating in the unconscious background haze of whites, greys, and silvers residing in the seventh chakras of their followers – silently co-opting people's inner seniority and ability to refine their own perception.

And unless you are doing tons and tons of clairvoyant meditation, and energy work, you will never see it – you will just think that unconscious energy is part of how you are.

The religious control beings love to put people into a dichotomy of fear about demons and angels, because what happens is that people go into intense resistance toward those demon pictures. So what happens? That resistance of those pictures in their own space creates a huge gap that allows the nastiest of beings into their space! Some of the most hard core Super-Christians I know are people who have the nastiest/scariest demon beings in their bodyspace.

Now if you have clairvoyant tools, and can see your karma, and can say hello to spirit, those beings aren't really a big deal and many times they will actually be afraid of you. In neutrality you have power, in resistance you don't.

The dichotomy that gets created inside people's inner space – of good and evil – ends up becoming a core sub-conscious mental picture, which religions use to control people; layers and layers of additional pictures, perceptual rules, and arbitrary cognitive energetic regulations – all in the template form of religious dogmas – are programmed around the core dichotomy picture. It is the easiest and most simplistic way of controlling a person from a religious behavioral perspective. And it is incredibly effective, which is why all religions do it.

And that dogma, i.e., religious text, itself has hundreds upon hundreds of years of energy programmed into it. The words themselves are loaded with the vibrations of all the people who have read them over and over, and put their expectations, hopes, fears, anger, and limits into the psychic space that constitutes, and underlies, those words.

But people aren't powerless victims; they consciously choose to give up their power, seniority, and creative responsibility by following ancient religious texts, spiritual leaders, and modern gurus. It makes things a whole lot easier, because you can simply outsource your thinking, and perceptual framework, to someone else! You should destroy everything I am saying from your inner space so that you can see for yourself. I certainly don't have your answer; so stay out of my space! You have to do all the meditation work yourself.

I have seen people who really have a deep desire to break through the religious control energy in their space and they get into a very particular quandary. Because after so many years of being under that programming you can no longer identify with your own spirit or its true nature; it means anything related to being a spirit in the body, like meditation, clairvoyance, energy work, etc., becomes very difficult to validate as real, due to all the foreign energy controlling the space.

So what happens is those kinds of people end up having to do really intense psychedelics to bust through that energy; because the only way they can validate themselves as a spirit is through an out of body space. But then the problem becomes one of actually integrating that information back into the body, since that is where we have to reside.

It is a kind of catch 22; without advanced deprogramming tools it is going to be difficult to remove that energy so that one can actually be in the body.

Now some of these beings are very capable spirits; they don't do the dirty work themselves, they have their own middle men. They can actually put other beings into a person's space on confusion and fear pictures, and then control a person from behind that being's energetic space.

The big trick is to get the person to think that the control being's energy is their own, so that when the person gets lit up on those confusion and fear pictures – i.e., whenever the beings decide to push the person's buttons – the person will then run that foreign control energy through their body, thinking it is their own; repeated enough, it will turn into an unconscious programming.

And, as strange as this sounds, one of the reasons that Disneyland is so popular is because it is a space that actually gives people a rest, or mental vacation, from all the religious control energy in their space, because that energy has to take a backseat in that vibration of play and high imagination.

So as an inquiring explorer what you have to do is think: can you recognize those control energies and pictures in your own space? How much past life religious control energy are you unconsciously channeling that regulates your own energy? How many months have you spent working that energy and karma?

How many hours have you spent pushing it out your feet chakras?

Where are you in agreement to that energy? Where is that energy controlling you on pain pictures and preventing you from actually being in your body as a spirit? What about the death pictures?

Didn't grow up with religion? An atheist or agnostic? That means the energy will be even more unconscious to you in your own sub-conscious bodyspace. How much resistance are you in to looking at it?

You have to get neutral to all that energy and then destroy it from your space, otherwise it is just going to sit there in the background of your space, unconsciously influencing your decisions, perceptions, and creative capacities. Reading about it, talking about it, and understanding it on a conceptual level is not good enough. You actually have to work it and destroy it.

Religious control energy always has a deep level of seriousness to it. I mean after all, going to hell for all eternity is pretty serious, right? Anytime you can get someone to take something very seriously, in any area of life, you can usually control them around that situation or subject.

Where is the serious energy in your own space? Chances are you will find a heap of religious energy right underneath it.