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love-life-reading.jpgWondering when you're going to attract the right guy? What energy is blocking you? Are you frustrated or curious why he hasn't come into your life yet? Many women find themselves attracting the same kinds of men again and again. Sometimes we are ready to meet a soulmate, our twinflame, and other times we are ready to meet an amazing growthmate. What lessons does your spirit want you to work on so that you can take your future relationship to the next level?

The unwavering influence of karmic patterns in your life affects your potential and current relationships. Would you like to know where you are in that cycle? Or where is your future love is in relation to that cycle? The hidden influence of friends, ancient familial contracts, spirit guides and even spirit tricksters all play a role in what kind of man you bring into your life. What energy is holding you back?

Sometimes our spirit guides may even work against us unintentionally. If your guides were your friends in a past life where you were all Buddhists and they are still enmeshed with those Buddhist ideas and beliefs they may feel that only a Buddhist man is appropriate for you and, consequently, filter out a great potential love. Are your guides working with you in a fashion you're in agreement to in the present?

How soon will you meet the right man? What does the timeline look like? Sometimes we have to wait for circumstances to align in our favor to meet the right mate. You're probably curious about what your future mate looks like — what his attitudes, desires, and goals are. Those are all things we look at in a relationship reading.

And you don't want to meet just any guy. What does your list of requirements look like? Have you written them down? How are your expectations filtering the potential mates you meet? Some women have lists so extensive and demanding that they effectively reject every man they meet for years on end because none of them are "perfect." Or maybe your list is so vague that the universe can't really bring a man into your life because you haven't defined what you want yet. And it's not just qualities or attributes that you want to define, but also the agreements about fundamental beliefs and ways of living that are important to you. What do you want and need? And what would you prefer in a man?

Have you created space for a man to come into your life physically and energetically? Did you clear off the other nightstand — or at least clear a shelf for him? Are you carrying around past life pictures or present life relationship pains that are unconsciously preventing you from having love the way you want it?

What kind of mate are you ready to meet? A Soulmate? Your Twinflame? A Growthmate?

Imagine for a moment your future love coming to you with total ease and effortlessness. How nice would that be? A lot of women are programmed to heal others and create for others rather than themselves. How much of your energy is going toward creating for other people instead of yourself? How does that affect your ability to have a relationship?

And consider what action you are taking to create the relationship you truly want. Do you need to do more? Are you being social enough and opening yourself to the right circles? Is your energy aligned with your actions?

Get clarity and psychic insight into your relationship space and future love life with a relationship reading. Your reading will also include a healing on your relationship space — making sure that it is grounded, safe, and in communication with the Divine Source.

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