Oneness and Separation

Each one of us has a body and is having a very personal experience here on Earth. And that means we have to make decisions about what pictures to own, and what energy to run, through our inner space.

Some qualities of the self-concept are incredibly important. For example, all the elitism pictures in your inner space will help you to achieve separation from others' energies.

I understand that the word "separation" is the dirtiest possible word to many spiritual seekers. I have heard plenty of stories of people becoming one with everything on a perceptual level. This experience happened to a friend of mine recently; she was at a stop-light at night and it happened after she had released a lot of energy from her space. But she just sat there till it passed because she couldn't differentiate herself from the stop-light or her car.

And while this is an absolutely mind-blowing and wonderful universal experience to have, the question becomes: how the hell are you going to actually operate as a spirit in a body from that space?

No one ever really looks at the "one with everything picture" from a functional standpoint; do you really want to be one with every person and being on the planet? How will you even perform simple tasks with your mind so overloaded?

And even more importantly: are you going to use the picture of that universal experience as an excuse in your space to give up your personal seniority over your body to other beings? That might not make a whole lot of sense right off the bat. But think about it closely, because that is where the biggest game is being played on spiritual seekers right now.

The "everything is one" picture turns everything into an out of control transmedium healing game incredibly quickly. This seventh chakra image seems to almost always get manipulated into a fourth chakra, healing, space. You will mostly notice how it is the channeled beings, and their authors, who not only subscribe to this idea, but promote it as an entire philosophy.

Of course they do; how else are they going to get into your space so that you will create for them and heal them in an out of control fashion? How else are they going to con you into believing that it is okay for you to have your energy in everyone else's space too? It creates the unconscious agreement that there are no boundaries.

So what happens when you take this to the extreme? You hear all kinds of gurus talking about it: become enlightened by erasing all of the pictures in your inner-space and lose your self identity. In doing so, you will become one with all. You will also lose all seniority over your own choices.

The lie that these gurus and teachers tell you is pretty simple: knowing nothing is the way of the enlightened. Actually, it is the way of the person who has painted himself, or herself, into a corner and has no more imagination. You might as well be an atheist, because, from an energetic standpoint – at that point – you essentially are one. It is the way of a person who has been programmed out of their own information as a spirit. But someone has to operate that body, so the guru, or Christ, or some other being will completely occupy it. This can be a fun experience, but aren't we past this control game yet?

On a functional energetic, and spiritual, level you are in charge of being senior, as a spirit, in your body. So who makes the decisions in that body? Is it your parents' spirits? Your ancestors? Your boss? Your significant other? Your spirit guides? A combination of those? Or is it you?

Whose energy is in your body?

Are you able to tell how the foreign energy in your space influences your perceptions, decisions, feelings, and movements? If the answer is "no," then you're in for a world of drama, karma, and trouble...

Remember, you have a body. You aren't just a spirit hanging out in some ether, or astral, space. And that means you have to choose whose energy to run on a sub-conscious level – your spirit's energy or someone else's...

When I talk about separation, I mean moving out foreign energy from your personal energetic space. Knowing how to make separations from other people is very healthy. The reason separation has become such a dirty word is because spiritual seekers do not understand how to use it in neutrality.

Furthermore, most people on the planet are struggling to move into a heart space that actually works collectively. But if you are reading this then you have to ask yourself: are you wishing for a world of love and light and failing to realize that that picture is about 2 steps behind where you need to be in order to actually bring it to fruition? You have to look further along in your path than that, and a little more deeply, into how people become the effect of energy they can't separate from.

If you can't make separations from others, then your perceptions and decisions exist at the whims of all the foreign energy in your inner space that is influencing you unconsciously. Sometimes that can be quite fun, if you know what is happening, and have the resources to be able to end the situation.

But if you can't separate from foreign energy then you can't have your inner space, or seniority in your body as a spirit to begin with; and at that point, it's no longer fun because you have no say in the matter.

Elitism is a very important space to be able to own, because from that space there is, in most cases, an automatic mutual agreement to make separation energetically. Each person has permission to be themselves, have ownership over their own unique information, and not have to worry about changing the other.

It becomes a practical method for moving someone out of your space. A great way to do this is to match the elitism vibration (on your crown chakra) of the person you wish to release from your space; this is a bit backward, because I prefer to actually match their picture of that space – then watch all their energy leave my body. It's that easy.

Only very capable spirits can be in your space matching an elitism vibration and not get kicked out; it is almost always geared toward the goal of separation. The problem is when it gets expressed outwardly it can devolve into competition or judgment. Unless you are in an extremely unusual situation where your information has been totally destroyed or you aren't capable enough to really manage the body you have taken in the first place, then most likely, your information and energy as a spirit, in your own body, is better than anyone else's. That is where the elitism picture gets created, because other people's energy will not work for you in your body!

So much of the spiritual information on the planet is about loving everyone, getting stuck in the fourth chakra, and really losing your seniority over your ability to heal – turning that space into a demand space.

But think about it: how are you going to validate other people's spiritual information if you don't respect them enough to get out of their space? How can you honor them as incredibly capable if you are constantly in their space trying to "fix" them? Isn't that itself a form of invalidation? Until you can own your elitism pictures you will operate below seniority over your own information and seventh chakra.

And what that really means is that the out of control healing games will destroy your dreams slowly, one hope, and moment, at a time, until you learn how to be in the sixth and seventh chakras. You do not want to spend 50 years healing everyone else – never saying NO to anyone and then wondering, "what the hell happened to my life?" I have read plenty of women out there who have come to me with that story. There is more to life. Your inner space has room for you. Your heart has more room for you in it. IF you can kick everyone else out for once.

If you haven't been making separations for several years I can almost guarantee that there are lifetimes of junk just sitting in your space that have yet to be released – all totally unconscious.

Very few people out there are going to tell you about owning your elitism pictures in a mediation context; even the people I work with who do this kind of clairvoyant work regularly somehow even seem to forget about it. It is not arrogant or patronizing to say that this information is very important and you should consider it a gift – if you can use it. It is purely practical and functional.

The more meditation you do, and the more you own your space, the more that you can utilize the elitism space to separate from foreign energy as the final kick of your interaction with it. You really need the more advanced tools to really own the space though; otherwise how are you going to back up your inner claim to your trust of those elitism pictures? You have to get trained up properly to learn all that.