Creating Relationships

In a sense, there is really no right or wrong way to love, but you have to be really neutral in order to see, and believe, that; we are all spirits in bodies gathering a vast library of experiences across every imaginable range. Everyone has different karma, and goals, to an extent. What pictures create your relationship space? Do you sub-consciously believe that love is obsessive, love is attachment, love is ownership of another, or that love is out of control healing?

The old cultural idea used to be that you would find someone to complete you. Many people are starting to realize how unhealthy that way of thinking really is. So now people are moving toward healthy relationships that require a pre-existing sense of completeness and deep affinity for oneself. At least this is the social narrative; very few people are actually willing to do the months, and years, of work required to create that space. It won't happen at the level of your heart, however; you have to have clairvoyant tools to do it or you will get stuck very quickly.

Are you ready to bust the myopic give-and-take dichotomy that the world defines as love? This is the old way of experiencing love. The new way is realizing that a relationship is about giving to yourself as a spirit; in other words, the space becomes about mutual soul growth, rather than survival. When each person is giving to themselves through that relationship space it creates a win-win agreement.

Most people have a very particular problem when it comes to creating a relationship: eliminating all the family energy from their space so that they can define, and see, what they want for themselves. Most mothers want grandchildren; so as a man, you have to first be able to see, and then separate, from all of the energy that is trying to create that space for you. Mothers tend to have a very difficult time letting their sons make mistakes. This can turn into a situation where a mother invalidates her son, but then feels guilty and, as a result, attempts to create for him by running her energy through his space. For women, they have to learn to run their own female creative energy, rather than operate off of all the guilt that has been programmed into their space over so many years.

Most men have all their mother's energy sitting in their space telling them they are perfect, so they think they can do women no wrong; and most women have their father's energy in their space telling them that no man is good enough for them, so the bar is always set exceedingly high. Of course, these are the most superficial of generalizations; the way family energy is layered is usually incredibly tangled and complex with all kinds of cords, catch 22's, guilt programming, and traumas, all tied in with past life karma. Basically, one gigantic mess.

If you can't separate, and release, the family lies from your space then how are you going to create a relationship for you? If you create based off of someone else's expectations, values, and beliefs, then that relationship is really for, or about, them — not you. And then you will just end up having a kind of surrogate relationship with your mother, or father, through that person.

Are you working pictures, and taking steps up, or are you playing the audition game, where you are auditioning your dates for a role that fits squarely within all the sub-conscious limits, games, past life karmas, and problem solving patterns in your space that have unconsciously packaged and defined themselves as your life-plan?

The problem with most people's plans is that they aren't really aligned with their spirit or karma; plans have been known to keep people in terribly unhappy relationships, and marriages, for years and even lifetimes. You have to know how to see, end, and manipulate your karma on some level, in order for your plans to actually be aligned with your spirit. Otherwise you end up just creating for everyone else, creating disasters, and drama, through transmedium games, or so stuck you can't create at all.

So, whether you are a man or a woman, you have to look at who is unconsciously influencing your relationship space.

Everyone you attract into your life has something to show you about yourself. If you keep attracting incredibly religious men, or women, and you know that is definitely not a match for you, then chances are you need to do some work on destroying more of the past life religious control, punishment, and dogma, pictures in your space.

You might need to destroy past life vows you took as a nun or other religious figure; those vows can strongly influence your present life. Or you might just have to destroy the family energy in your space that vibrates at that level of religious punishment. The list of possibilities is endless.

And if you grew up in a religious setting, but don't consider yourself religious now, then I can guarantee you that old religious energy will completely influence your relationship decisions until you move it out of your space.

So if you had a bad date and didn't take a big step up for yourself as a result, then you just wasted a huge opportunity; unless you have clairvoyant tools, you will have to attract someone similar all over again to light those sub-conscious pictures up so that you can release them. You can bust through two years of energy in two days if you have the right tools. Do you want to spend two years getting to where you want to really be? It is amazing to see how quickly things can change, simply by destroying pictures through meditation.

You have a choice about creating that space yourself or having someone else "help" you to create it. So many spiritually focused people talk about their spirit guides, i.e., transmedium helpers, that they forget one thing: they themselves can create as a spirit! But your space has to be really clear. Your ability to say hello to others has to be set well.

So you have to look at your agreement with those spirit guides and whether what you are creating is actually a healing agreement on some level. If those beings have agreed to only attract partners that your family is in agreement to, because they have an agenda for you, then you are not really creating based on your information; that situation really has nothing to do with you or your dreams, but what someone else wants for you.

In some cases those guides may actually be totally manipulating your space to such a degree that they are not actually helping you, but keeping you stuck, because of those agendas. Just because a spirit has agreed to work with you doesn't mean they are competent, capable, or have your best interest in mind. You wouldn't hire just any random person off the street, at the drop of a hat, to work for your company would you? There is a whole interview process to vet them; same thing goes for spirit guides.

Anywhere in your space there is an energy, or picture, that says, "I don't know what to do" (in regard to relationships) then you will likely give up seniority to a foreign energy; the same thing goes for the picture that says, "can I do this?" (i.e., create a relationship). Your sub-conscious permission seeking will give up seniority to outside authority energy. You already have your own information on how to create a relationship space; it is just a matter of bringing it into your body.

So you have to go into those pictures and say hello to yourself; tell yourself that you are capable and only need to look to yourself to create what you want, rather than someone else. Usually the part of you that is stuck on those pictures will be at a much younger age than you are now. Bring that relationship with yourself into present time. Look at what your information actually is.

You have to eliminate distraction energy from your space and look at where you were in agreement to that. You have to clear out all of the unconscious guilt, and lies, preventing you from believing you can have a relationship. All of the energy between you and your picture of your next relationship has to be cleared out. All of the energy between you and your ability to receive, and give, a spirit-to-spirit hello has to be cleared out.

Then you will have to look at, and make separations from, your parent's pictures of what giving and receiving mean. If you father has the picture that giving is responsibility and your mother has the picture that receiving is a hassle then you will need to release those images and the underlying energies from your fourth chakra before you can really create off your own sub-conscious picture.

For most people, the online dating space has become very transmedium. So that means in order for it to work, you have to really clear your space and ground your profile page.

Women who have been waiting for the right guy to come along, I have one message for you: you haven't worked your pictures. You will be waiting until you do. There is no waiting when you work all the pictures necessary to work through. The relationship you want arrives as soon as you destroy the last picture necessary to clear that space enough to make it happen. The sub-conscious pictures in your space dictate what gets created in your life. That's it.

Do you remember that you are a spirit in a body? Or have you been so invalidated that you can no longer see it? I don't know how many different ways I can say it: your sub-conscious pictures control how, and what, you create. So if you aren't meditating every day, and working those pictures, then you are totally screwed! For most people that means that the healing games, and karma, will just run their life, but they can never even see it happening.

You really get the relationships you deserve, dictated by the pictures in your bodyspace. Look at your relationships. Is it time to take a step up and create from a clairvoyant perspective or keep playing the same old games? Who chooses for you? Your family? Your spirit guides? Your church? Or you? How much unconsciousness controls that space?

Are you ready to start doing the healing, meditation, and clairvoyant work you need to do in order to create your relationship space for yourself? How much longer will you wait?