Together Forever

The truth is that every relationship in the body is going to eventually end. Such a romantic statement, right? But for some reason women, and even some men, have bought into the weird lie that being "together forever" is somehow a good idea; it is just really spiritually myopic.

Practically speaking, what "forever" means is that, in future lifetimes, when your partner does not have a body, and you do, they will be in your space, as a spirit, unconsciously preventing you from having another partner in that lifetime. That isn't love; that is spiritually unhealthy attachment; it is obsession. As weird as that may sound, I have actually heard other clairvoyants talk about it, write about it, lecture about it, and have even seen it in my own clients.

Invariably, these clients wonder why they cannot create a new relationship; it is because they have failed to see, and then let go of, that spirit and the underlying agreement. Ironically, pretty much always, the spirit that is attached to the person is incredibly desperate to be given permission to destroy the agreement, move on, and leave the person's space.

Agreements made in the body, such as "we will be together forever," tend to be much heavier, than those made as spirits. Making strong/serious agreements in the body is a bad idea, because the heavier the energy the more difficult it ends up being to untangle oneself from it.

For example, say you have incarnated with, and have been married to, a particular spirit over several lifetimes and in the most recent past life you solidified the agreement even further, through a double suicide experience, or maybe even a suicide pact.

This then sets the stage for that agreement to persist into the next lifetime. So what happens when you end up breaking up with that person? The both of you will unconsciously run your energy through those suicide agreement pictures and if you don't have a handle on your karma, you will both do your best, all unconsciously of course, to create a situation that kills the two of you.

Or what if you are in the habit of breaking up with a partner and getting back together again fairly frequently? If you have a past life experience with that person where you saved their life from an emergency situation then you may have unconsciously created an agreement that stipulates that you will always "save them from emergencies."

So if you are dating that spirit in this lifetime and they want to get back together with you, after a breakup, they may decide to unconsciously pull the "karmic emergency agreement card" and create a bad situation for themselves so that you will hurry back to them.

Relationships are based upon a set of agreements. So it is important to look at the agreements we create, and have created, with people, closely.

It always surprises me how many capable people I meet who are afraid to end karma with the people they love. When you are creating from karma you aren't creating in choice or freedom. We have become so conditioned to create in karma that I sometimes wonder if people secretly fear creating from a no-karma space.

There is very little permission in our culture, especially for women, to break agreements. People stay in horribly unsatisfying, and unfulfilling, marriages, because they do not have seniority over their own ability to destroy; they cannot break an agreement, or it becomes this huge ordeal to break it.

Many people are terrified of having their personal affinity space, i.e., their heart-space, invalidated by someone they thought loved them and the idea of finding "the one" is certainly, in today's world, a kind of emotional insurance against this.

But the truth is that anything you can't get neutral to will create a sub-conscious picture in your space that essentially controls you on some level; only in neutrality do you really have choice and freedom from karma. Can you have affinity and neutrality in your relationships?

Have you destroyed all the abandonment pictures in your fourth chakra? What about all the victim pictures? Can you see which desires are really yours and which desires are programmed from foreign energies? How many hours, weeks, or months have you spent pushing, and grounding, all that gunk out the hand chakras?

Where are you actually creating from? Which sets of sub-conscious pictures constitute how you create your relationships and agreements? Can you see what percentage of your relationship space vibrates in a survival space? Is "let's be together forever" code, in your space, for "let's create in survival together"?

Are you senior to the survival pictures in your space? Or are they controlling you so deeply they affect your relationship space?

Do you really want to securitize your partner's, and your, fourth chakra energies and then collateralize it with your hopes and dreams? Or maybe there is a better way to create above the fear pictures that say it's necessary to do that; the pictures that say: you won't receive a hello, as a spirit, unless you give up your space to someone else.

Are you living your own truth or channeling your church, friends, family, and culture? Are you creating for them, and through their expectations, unconsciously? If you haven't spent time looking at it in a meditation space then how would you even know? Do you really think you can know yourself without destroying everyone else's energy out of your space first?

What agreements do you have no inner permission to end? Are you naive enough to think that your religion or spirit guide knows what is best for you? Sometimes it can be really hard to have to make our own choices. You should destroy all of my pictures and words out of your space so you can look at it for yourself.

All things change, including relationships. The person you so deeply loved in this lifetime may be your most hated enemy in the next – which is a popular karmic script people have. It goes like this: friends, lovers, then enemies – repeat. This is necessary for some spirits to achieve separation of goals, desires, and, most importantly, energies. Not everyone does this, but some do.

Face the truth that all things change and live with a multi-lifetime vision for yourself; grasp the endless ocean of growth, play, exploration, and expansion that surrounds you. See where your karma is flowing to and use your problems as opportunities.

Many soul-mates can flow into your life; some will come and some will go; your relationships with them are like an ever changing mosaic of cosmic colours – moving like the music of the spheres. Ideally, you can keep learning, growing, and loving the partner you are with by working your pictures and karma; you can create a win-win space where each person is able to give to themselves, as spirits, through the relationship. Rememnber, change is inevitable; growth is optional.