Opening Your Clairvoyance

Opening your clairvoyance requires you to own not only your sixth chakra, but your third chakra as well. The third chakra is your energy distribution, and personal power, center.

If you are really interested in developing your clairvoyance then spend a year or two at a psychic institute; after you graduate find a group of creative psychics you can work with. Then spend a few more finding out who you really are and refine your reading screen along the way. It takes about 5 years for most people to clear their space enough to actually realize who they really are as spirits.

You want to destroy all of the black energy in your space as well as all the energy that prevents you from seeing black. This is because a large part of the energy that blocks clairvoyance vibrates at black. Some very interesting things start to happen when you clear out those black vibrations and agreements. The limitations of what you can see will dramatically change.

Clairvoyance comes from the French word "clair" meaning "clear" and "voyance" meaning "vision." Some have called it "looking-ness," which is a peculiar way of trying to grasp the concept, or essence, of seeing, and vision. How often do we actually look at someone, or something, with an intent behind that look? Think about how a man looks at a sexy woman. There is energy on it, because he is looking from within a picture, or desire, outward into the world, rather than in neutrality. So what do we give up?

A young child may look at his mother or father through the picture "you are so great, and I want to receive your love" and in return may get the energetic response, "as long as you do what you are told I will give you love." This is a very basic adult-child agreement of conditional love that most people are familiar with. If part of that agreement includes shutting down the inner vision space then the child will become programmed with control energy not to see clearly. This basic childhood programming has to be released through the re-decision to seek love from within and let go of the picture/habit of getting love from a parent, or external figure; this is done through meditation.

You have to clear out all the beings (and parental figures) who are trying to "protect you" by blocking you from seeing things that are "too scary." Usually this will involve a level of death pictures from past lives. But this also can involve heavy family control energy in this lifetime.

For some reason the lie gets embedded in children's spaces that their parents know more than they do when in fact their parents are usually significantly more cut off from their own inner voice and inner vision than a young child is. So the child gets programmed to shut down their own inner vision and access to their own spiritual answers and information.

Young children generally do not know how to operate their space, so they ask their parents for permission on what to do, how to be, and who to be. You want to destroy all those permission seeking pictures from your space because otherwise all that parental control energy will just sit right on them. Identity formation pictures and processes have to be re-owned around one's own choices, rather than parental expectations.

There is also the programming, which has to be erased, that keeps you seeking validation, approval, permission, love, and acceptance from your mother/father. You also want to de-program any energy that validates you for being in effort, because effort will shut down your inner vision. Over-achievers will have this programming. A large part of opening your inner vision involves looking at where you got programmed as a young child to look outside yourself for answers and information. You also have to release everyone else who went into effort and put that energy in your space and the pictures behind it that created that situation.

At some point, you have to work through your entire time-line as a child, and young adult, and clear off all the energy and old pictures still operating in your space at an unconscious level. Any childhood pictures in your space that essentially say, "tell me what to do mom (or dad)", or "I will do anything for you mom/dad", or "I need you mom/dad", will shut down your crown chakra and hence your reading screen. All of your parent's control beings will ride in on that agreement. Under that there are the "do it for me mom/dad" pictures, where you gave up your seniority as a child. And under that are all the effort energies where your parents put their effort into your space to control you as a child.

The variations of these pictures are actually quite extensive and it takes some time to sort through them all. The other issue with working these pictures is that they will span across many different years of your childhood. So you may have thought you worked a certain picture only to find out that you had a similar, but slightly different, picture from another age. And when you look at these images as an adult it can all start to blur together. You have to pull all of your energy out of the childhood excitement pictures in your space, e.g., all of the "look at me mom" type pictures; pull them out of your creative rings.

You also have a particularly difficult situation when the "I need you" and "I love you" pictures become stuck in the same space, or essentially, glued together. This will cause you to lose seniority over your heart space, and it creates a game where you have to control others, or be controlled, in order to receive love in the way that you want. It is very unhealthy. On top of that, you will likely find past life control, destroy, and dependency energies. Then, you have to release the picture where you went into effort in order to get love, because on top of it will be all the people, or beings, in your life who are trying to "get you to do what they want" in order for them to feel that they are loved. Otherwise, this level of effort, and foreign control energy, will likely block your clairvoyance.

Underneath the "I need you picture," you will also likely find your mother (or father's) resistance to you letting go of the agreement, in addition to their resistance to you being in their space, their resistance to you being in your own space, as well as your own resistance to letting go of the picture. Most spirits incarnating into this planet have become very confused about what love actually is about.

Because your spirit has past life matching pictures with the pictures on your genetic lines, you will have a very difficult, if not impossible, time of releasing it all without clairvoyant training. Those "pictures" were, at one point, your actual past life experiences. How much of the experiences or stuck energy on your own genetic line you are responsible for is an interesting question. If you understand the bolded line above, you will understand a large part of the incarnational process.

Teenagers also tend to get control energy in their space around driving cars for the first time, fashion choices that parents do not understand (where they are setting energy), and television shows they watch (what information they are bringing in), so you want to clear that out too. Braces, or other dental devices, will create a difficult level of body-programming control energy to deal with as well. You may have to get Rolfed (multiple head sessions) in order to deal with that, in addition to doing energy work.

Then you want to clear out all the stop energy you were in agreement to — usually around things you did not want to see or experience. You also have to clear out all the people who went into an energy of invalidation in your space because you couldn't see or say hello to them. Otherwise, all their energy will sit right in front of your reading screen at a black vibration.

A lot of modern philosophy and speculation vibrate at black. When I was in high school and college my friends and I all got stuck in the ignorance energy espoused by people like Nietzsche, Foucault, Hegel, Heidegger, and all the rest of them. Most of their work is just limitation energy (and agreements) that will tend to manifest in the third, sixth, and tenth chakras. That energy will shut down your clairvoyant ability or make it very difficult to use.

Speculative thinking can become an addiction for intellectuals (i.e., people who are stuck in their analyzers); this is one reason why we have libraries of dust covered dissertations full of obfuscations and meaningless passive voice verbosity intended to sound smart. All of that effort, toiling away, in black ignorance vibrations — hundreds and hundreds of cumulative years of student waste.

Becoming clairvoyant means de-programming all the control energy that gets put into your space during elementary school, high school, and college; modern schools are, from a purely logical perspective, designed to de-program creativity and higher intelligence. If you can close your eyes and see the pages of a book you read then why would you need to take a test to "prove" that you know the information? The modern educational process is designed, by nature, to keep you in a non-seeing, blocked, inner visual space.

So, this means you have to end karma with all of your old teachers, classmates, and students in this life and in some past lives. If you don't know how to end your karma, or de-program energy, then you are in a very difficult position, because you will have very little free will to make new choices outside your existing karma. If you never learn to deprogram energy you will never get seniority over your space in this lifetime; it is simply not possible.

De-programming all the matching pictures, and agreements, that you have with the collective consciousness of beings incarnated on Earth takes time. You want to release all the energies in your space that essentially say, "just go along with the flow and match the status quo;" you will have to de-program that stuff from your crown chakra and bring in your own certainty and seniority. Some of the agreements on the collective consciousness level can be very nasty, essentially erasing your own information from existence.

Your clairvoyant space is not a thinking space; it is, ideally, a neutral picture viewing space and energy working space. Thinking in a clairvoyant space amounts to unnecessary, and detrimental, effort.

Then behind all that speculation and philosophy energy is all the atheist energy from this life and past lives, which has to be cleared too; that energy will totally shut you down otherwise. I used to be a hard-core atheist. I never really wanted to have to do all this stuff, but at some point I realized that these tools actually resolved my inner issues and validated me and my experiences. So I realized that if I want to function I have to use these tools to release all this stuff so I can move forward in life.

You also have to work the death, and fear, pictures from where you were murdered or assassinated in past lives for being a psychic. Then you have to release all of the "prove it" energy in the third chakra, which is essentially an invalidation game or competition game. The energy of competition destroys spirit to spirit communication. Also, in the third chakra, you have to release any level of fear of your own power, and fear of being whacked energetically for owning your power.

Release all the out-dated past life energy around having power. Release any energy that says power should not be used, talked about, or says that power should not be emotional, or that your third chakra has to be disconnected from the rest of your chakras. If you have psychic tools then you have the ability to blow a picture out of your space. Say hello to that information in the third chakra in present time and it will end some of the games you may be stuck in, because that information is senior on a logical level to excuses for the stifling of, and resistance to, your own personal power. You want to work the energy of, and release, any valves, resistors, or limiters in the picture making machinery, in the sixth chakra, that control how many pictures you can see at any given time.

You have to release all the past life Buddhist and Catholic energy control energy that shuts down your ability to see clearly and the self-imposed effort energy designed to prevent you from seeing anything that might make you go into desire. You have to release all the past live vows of purity (and poverty too), and vows of suffering. Release the beings that keep you connected to past time institutions, religious traditions, and cults; bring them into present time and communicate that their help is no longer needed.

Then you have to work on releasing all the past life beliefs around seeing (and really — not being able to see). Anytime you committed suicide and developed a belief that "I can't see any other way out," for example. On top of that you have to release all the self-judgment for creating that lifetime.

You have to release all of the people in your inner-space, and life, who are "concerned" about you and your spiritual development. The "we are concerned about you game" is code for "you are upsetting us by changing yourself and forcing us to look at things we don't want to look at; so please stop that or we might have to resort to forcible methods of stopping you." You have to end karma with those people too.

You have to release the picture of your own future death if that is at black and see whether or not knowing that will help you or make things more difficult for you. Have your akashic record keeper take care of it, or send it somewhere else you trust more, if you want to open your vision and let go of that on the side.

Then there is all the black energy covering up all the alien energy and spiritual technology you brought into your body because you were too enthusiastic. Information you most likely can't use in your body anyway. Behind that, you have to work on releasing all the cosmic cops in your space, checkpoints, the men in black beings, and money management and control councils.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have the right to look at anything you want and the universe is not all about Love when it comes to the sixth chakra, but rather, neutrality. If you are exploring things you shouldn't be, beings will erase information right out of your head and it will not be a pleasant experience. Your very own spirit will kick you into a coma or early death in some cases. Unbridled enthusiasm is not appropriate when opening your clairvoyance; caution, care, communication with gold energy, and neutrality are appropriate. The amount of bullshit you have to release in order to open the sixth chakra is absolutely mind boggling.

Most people get so stuck in their fourth chakras that they cannot get out of the healing games that control, and limit, their clairvoyance. Ironically, one has to clear out a tremendous amount of energy in the heart in order to create a deeper, loving, hello space in order to work the past life energies that have become so stuck in your space — because you have been unable to say hello to them! That means finding the space where neutrality, self acceptance, and love are essentially the same — or at least — creating the same effects in your space.

In the culture we live in, love has been confused with control, over-giving, out of control healing, loss of self identity, going out of body, and being overwhelmed/suffocated by foreign energy. Ending all those games, and pictures, takes time.

After that, you have to release all of the lie energy that says opening your clairvoyance is "too dangerous;" then you need to work any genetic level energy that causes you and your nervous system to go numb to getting too much energy lit up in your space, because it is too overwhelming (or too female if you are a man). Then release all of the resistance energy you go into from not wanting to deal with all of it. You have to release all of the sub-conscious beliefs, fears, and pictures that say you will go crazy if you open up your clairvoyance too much.

You have to destroy all of the ethics programming around your clairvoyance about whom and what you can look at and bring it to neutrality. Otherwise, beings without bodies will totally control what you can see, because they will plug into your space on all of that rule and permission/ethics energy. People with this issue usually end up getting programmed to be out of control healers.

Then you have to release the pain and punishment energy vibrating at black that you have karma with because you wronged beings in past lives who are looking to block or destroy you in this life. Usually those beings seem very difficult on the surface until you actually start communicating with them. There is a reason they are so angry; maybe you should enquire as to why, or what you did? Furthermore, they appear to be such jerks because you have refused to acknowledge them! They literally have no other way to get your attention than through punishment at that point. If you seek to understand them, and your past relationship, then you have done at least 50% of the work necessary to release them. I have worked many of these beings out of my space and in almost every case they want to move on.

When you start releasing enough black energy your clairvoyance will essentially start to open up and get run through any psychedelic pictures you have in your sub-conscious. You will see all kinds of wild shifting geometric patterns, colors, and images. You have to destroy that energy too so that you create a grounded space where you actually stay in the body. The tendency is to go way out of body when opening the upper chakras.

Then you have to release all of the breastfeeding and infant energy from your space. This level of energy will entangle your clairvoyant process, energy releasing process, and eating process with your mother’s energy, her breast-feeding beings, and her resistance and control energy. You have to clear out the machines that are programming you to suck endlessly and the beings behind those machines. Breast-feeding energies are composed of attachment and consumption pictures, which are sub-consciously opposed to the kind of effortless release space required to work through the vast variety of sub-conscious mental and emotional pictures in your space in a quick fashion.

You have to release the positive satisfaction energy gained from breastfeeding and the infant/self-identification program (or picture) associated with it as well.

Many addictions can be tied to this level of infant programming. The real reason so many people are triggered and upset by seeing a woman breast feed in public is because it lights up all the breast-feeding energy (and sub-conscious mental pictures) in their own space, which they would really rather believe did not exist. A large part of our economy operates from this level of consciousness and pictures.

What does this have to do with your clairvoyance? This level of energy will actually tie up your clairvoyant space and make it significantly more difficult, and time consuming, to work through sub-conscious pictures because you will always be latching on to them, instead of releasing them. So releasing pictures becomes a lot more work than it needs to be.

After that, you have to release any level of white (or other color) programming energy around the object identification and naming process that young children go through as well as the information processing space you experienced as a young child. You have to move out the family energies. This is a particularly interesting space to look at closely. You will want to look for any level of machine energy designed to automatically label images, or mental objects; or imprint images with hidden labels imbued with control energy from your genetic line(s). You might see these as black symbols, tattoos, or simple labels with writing on them.

You also have to deprogram machine energy designed to shut down your screen automatically. These are widely known as "useless boxes." I am not sure this is exactly the best name for this kind of machine. You can watch a video of this kind of machine here on youtube. Basically, this kind of psychic machine will simply shut off a switch anytime you turn it on. You want to look for these around your reading screen and anywhere else that might be relevant to you.

I only met one person who ever talked about these in my entire course of psychic exploration and I have worked a lot of machine energy with a lot of people over the years. What that tells me is that there is so much unconscious energy around these kinds of machines that almost no one can see them. You need the ability to de-program to get rid of these.

Then there are all your pre-birth agreements and the bardo beings you got stuck on or programmed by.

Deprogramming all the energy that keeps you stuck in distraction and impatience is also necessary. If you can't sit still for an hour and meditate then there is an energy influencing you that doesn't want you to have your space. I have seen a lot of people who were so impatient that they could not even sit still for 5 minutes. If that sounds like you, then you are stuck in a game.

Your clairvoyance can be broken down into different component parts:

  • Clarity
  • Accuracy
  • Control
  • Persistence
Different energies will affect different components in a variety of ways. Your persistence is the ability to hold an image on your screen for an extended period of time. Control is the ability to move, work, and have willpower over the different elements on your screen as well as your psychic tools in general.

You might see things with perfect clarity that turn out to be completely incorrect; often that means there is a level of diddle, or destroy, energy in your space that you are still unconscious to. As opposed to being an invalidating experience that "proves" that your psychic abilities are not real it is, in fact, giving you a vital data-point about your inner world, if you can explore it enough to find out what is going on. Usually, it will involve a being without a body messing with your space. Other times, it may mean that your spirit is still in a learning phase and that your ability to tap into the information you desire is still being refined. Additionally, it can indicate you have a self-sabotaging mis-belief in your subconscious that is intentionally trying to get you off track for some reason.

After initially publishing this article I realized what I had forgotten to mention: control devices. There is so much unconscious energy around these devices. If, while in meditation, you see yourself wearing black glasses, virtual reality glasses, electronic headbands, matrix devices, or devices on your eyes, then you have to destroy those pictures, and the energies behind them, as well as the underlying beliefs.

There is also another component that does not really belong on the list per se, but is vitally important: the ability to understand your own sub-conscious pictures. This is really more of a seventh chakra ability, i.e., your knowingness. If you don't understand anything you see then the function of your clairvoyance is pretty much useless.

In the beginning, you will see a lot of pictures and probably not understand what they mean. Learning to understand them is an investigative and creative process that takes time. That process requires you to separate from the opinionation process of creating assumptions of meaning for the pictures you see; you have to let that go and come into a true understanding of their meanings. So understanding your pictures can take years depending on the context. That's what the psychic institutes are for — to create a foundation that you build upon later. After you read a few hundred people, you will get a better handle on your pictures.

You learn to get more neutral to death pictures and stuff that may have been difficult to look at before. Without neutrality you really can't function clairvoyantly in a way that is healthy.

Additionally, you are always growing and changing when you are working energy, so the pictures you see will change, and be updated, as you learn more, release more, and crack open new levels of problem energy to work through. So you have to learn how to understand how your space is changing along the way too. There is always something new to discover and no one is perfect so remember to be kind with yourself.

About a year ago, I came to the realization that the level of clairvoyant skill needed to read the markets is far greater, clarity wise, than reading someone's love life. The level of specificity needed is incredibly detailed and precise; the flow of information, and timing, requires more skill to read. You can't just read from the second chakra and convert feelings into pictures; you actually have to see with crystal clarity. But you have to release the perfect pictures from your inner space, because they create rigidity, while still aiming for complete unconscious competence; there is so much to clear and there always seems to be more.

Clearing your reading screen requires you to blow the limitation energy out of your space on a deep level. Finding your space enough to do that requires you to eliminate all distractions and focus entirely on your goal. You can't be drinking, smoking marijuana, or playing with psychedelics at this point. All that stuff is too transmedium, and white, to create an in-the-body reading space based on consistency.

You need to be able to own your transmedium space and run white safely; that in itself is a sixth month to one year project to just get started. You also need some kind of physical exercise program that pushes you hard enough to light up all the genetic programming in your space that limits your third and seventh chakras and controls what you can/can't create; from what I have seen, the psychics who do not exercise never get to work that level of energy.

The list of items in this article is by no means exhaustive; I worked many more energies during my clairvoyant training that I cannot remember at this point. These pictures and energies are simply the ones I have worked in the past year. The energies you have to work through in order to open your own clairvoyance might be very different.

Why have you shut down your own inner vision? What do you need to do in order to open it up to its full potential? What energy, beliefs, and pictures do you need to release? Who do you need to release? What information do you need to bring into your bodyspace?

What don't you want to look at? What don't you want to see within yourself?