The White Light Myth


Filling up with white light is the last thing you want to do to protect yourself or your aura. The problem is that white resonates with what psychics call "unconscious energy," i.e., energy that makes you go unconscious. So if you have lots of white in your upper chakras then what happens is all kinds of spirits can plug into you and toy with you.

There is a name for people that do this professionally: transmediums/channelers.  They use white to help them leave their bodies so that another spirit may enter. To really protect yourself energetically, you want to actually be in your body, rather than out of it.

Now here's the thing about the professionals who do this kind of channeling: the ones who know what they are doing train for 2-3 years to own their space, and their clairvoyance, before ever running white, or channeling beings, for the purpose of healing. So eventually, you have to work with white, but it takes years before most people have enough clairvoyant, and body, seniority to do it without it destroying their lives.

Hang around the psychic institutes long enough and you will hear stories of channelers who didn't have psychic tools whose bodies ended up getting totally trashed to the point where they got cancer or some other disease and died. Debra Katz writes in her books about how professional channelers are often alcoholics, because the energy they channel is so harsh that they have no other way of dealing with it.

So unless you want to be an open channel for every being on the block, it would be a good idea to avoid surrounding yourself with white. Surrounding yourself with gold is a much better idea. Some people do, however, like the idea that all of their dead ancestors, spirit guides, and family members are perpetually in their aura. The only problem with this is that although you might "feel" safer with all those beings in your space, you really no longer have seniority over your own decisions, energy, or inner space in this kind of situation. So what happens is that you are really no longer "you" as a spirit in a body, but "you with a whole ton of virtual roommates," i.e., you plus a conglomerate of spirits.

Somehow that kind of situation has become romanticized by people and confused with love.

Sage is also something you may want to think twice about. Saging your room, or house, basically turns the entire space to white. Then it also tends to bring in American Indian spirits who, most likely, have no karma with you at all. And so they are like, "why the hell are you calling on me?" One woman I know is the director of a psychic institute and she loves to use sage in her home. So it is really your preference, but personally I think it is much more effective to sit down and work the energy clairvoyantly.

The real problem with "white light" is that people tend to conceptualize or visualize it as a blank piece of paper, or glue — because that is white — right? Not exactly. Real white light includes all colors and hence is actually clear. It is the same clear light that is repeatedly referred to in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Surrounding yourself with clear light is much different from surrounding yourself with milky, creamy, or glue-like white. The other problem with white is that it covers up programming, essentially making a person unconscious to strings of pictures in their space.

Professional Intuitive Erika Ginnis keenly explains, "White light, as it is often used, is a very sticky, thick and slow-moving energy. It will certainly protect, because it allows no movement either in or out. Often when people are in fear they will have a lot of white energy in their aura. Or if someone is afraid for them or of them, it will sometimes turn into a white energy. It is very difficult to see through, so your spiritual sight is blocked."

She goes on to say that, "It is also hard to know how you feel or what is happening to your physical body for that same reason. It's like being in a whiteout. So you might ask why anyone would use it and why so many people like it? Well I can think of two possible reasons: one is that perhaps there are people who truly do not want to feel what their body is feeling or want so much to be `spiritual' that they would like to just forget all about their physical form."

Gold is great because it is far less intense than clear light and facilitates balance between your body and spirit. In fact, in modern clairvoyant schools gold is one of the colors that is worked with the most habitually. However, surrounding yourself with a color of light is never used as a protective method in these schools. They use other specific and more effective techniques.

Go ahead and play around with gold or clear light in your meditations.

Now it is interesting that so many spirits tell you to fill up with white. Why do they say that? So that they can be in your space! Why don't they ever tell people to fill up with their own energy from the eighth chakra? Because when you are running your own energy you will kick those beings out.

There is a big misconception that white can only be pure, holy, "of the light," and good; but in the course of looking at a lot of white energy one will eventually come across very high white vibrations that are incredibly destructive. Most spirits, i.e., beings without bodies, will tell you to bring in white because it allows them to be in your space, unconsciously, and that way they can have a certain level of seniority over you. They will be able to influence, or even control, your decisions and behaviors to varying degrees.

Now most people read this article seem to think, "well my intent is going to simply overrule everything this guy is saying." And that idea misses the whole point; your visualizations and actions have to be congruent with your intent, and the way your space is set up, if you want them to be effective. So if you've got a whole bunch of pictures sitting on, or vibrating at, a white-like color then you can't expect white light to automagically make those pictures disappear — you're just going to become even more unconscious to them and they will get buried under even more white energy, making it more difficult to release them later.

There's nothing wrong with running white energy through your space per se, but are you going to put in the 2 to 3 years (at minimum!) of groundwork first so that you can actually use it to heal yourself and have enough seniority over your space that you can do that effectively?

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