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maya5.jpgWhich career will satisfy you at the deepest levels as a spirit? Sometimes baby steps are necessary to move in the direction that will ultimately satisfy you. But, unlike most people think, it doesn't have to be all pain and hard work.

A friend of mine told me a story about how she wanted to get a cute little puppy; her husband said that it wasn't the right time — and besides she already had an old dog they were taking care of. She had decided to move states and work for her old company for 6 months. They would get a new dog after they moved, her husband promised. Soon enough they moved to a new place, but it was too small to have two dogs. She started working for her old company, doing IT work, which she loathed. But it had that oh-so-nice promise of security.

She said to me, "So instead of getting a puppy I got this job." It made me laugh a little, because on one level it doesn't really make sense; but in her mind, that was the compromise that she had made. Are you sacrificing what you truly want for the promise of a future payoff? Does your job make you feel like you've compromised for an end you don't believe in? Is what you're doing truly satisfying? If not, how can you create a path to move toward what you want?

And what about the hiring process...? Are you applying for jobs the old way? By sending your resume out to 100 companies and getting ignored by all of them? Do you believe that the "hand of fate" is in charge of the hiring process?

One of my clairvoyant colleagues recently got a job as a campground manager for a national park. It was an amazing opportunity for her to get paid to be out in nature with virtually no one else around and meditate for days on end. But it was really funny, because the man in charge of hiring her said that he gets "over 500 applications a year" and that "by the hand of fate" she was chosen. We both laughed for a while after she told me that.

Little did he know...we did quite a lot of energy work for her application, interview, and follow-up interview; we looked clairvoyantly at the people involved in the business and hiring process; we gave them healings, said hello to them as spirits, looked at their attitudes, expectations, and energies; we set the energy for the individual conversations, looked at how she could best respond to her interviewers, and what exactly she needed to do with her own energy during the interviews.

When we read the first interviewer we kept seeing a "not now I'm busy" image and it turned out that the woman was away on vacation and wouldn't be interviewing my colleague. We saw that the attitude of the actual hiring manager was cocky and arrogant, which turned out to be spot on. And we also saw how they only wanted to hire a very specific kind of employee — a woman who was more far more masculine than feminine. So she knew to turn on and amplify her male energy during the interview. It was an entire process. And it worked.

When you have clairvoyant tools you can, all of a sudden, create your future in a way that is effortless and where all you really have to do is connect the dots. Of course most people cannot have the internal permission to use these kinds of things, because they are so stuck. But nowadays it means the difference between getting hired and being ignored.

How are you consciously or unconsciously managing the energy of your job prospects? Are you shooting yourself in the foot or are you bringing the right kind of energy to the table? What, and how, can you improve?

Some people will come to me to get a reading when their job involves all kinds of secrecy, backstabbing, and fraud. As a reader, it's interesting to look at corporate espionage, spycraft, scams, and all of the shady characters involved. But usually in these readings the message is that it's time for the client to find something more rewarding in life. Is your job something you can salvage or is it time to move on? Or maybe it's time to write a book about your experiences...

And what if you are more capable than your boss? Do you realize that whoever has the biggest crown chakra will be setting the energy for the business and workplace? I have read more than a few people whose bosses were in competition with them simply because they were far more capable at their jobs than their bosses were. Workplace politics can often be managed with energetic tools; would it help you to be able to define how people interact with you, and when it is okay to do so? When you know how to work with energy and use your clairvoyance you can do exactly that.

I once read a man who was disgruntled and angry with his boss. This man was a very capable clairvoyant and was using all kinds of psychic tools. He told me that he effectively shut the business down using his tools, and that no customers came through the doors, for an entire week. Having no customers for an entire week was highly unusual, but when this guy let the issue go, and forgave his boss, business returned to normal. So, clairvoyant tools can have a very real effect on your workplace...for better or worse. Most businesses are clueless about any of this stuff and are simply operating unconsciously to it all.

So having the insight into what is really going on is definitely important and informative.

If you're tired of being frustrated and confused with your current career situation then now is a great time to get a clairvoyant reading on the deeper, underlying dynamics, of your unique situation.

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