The Ego & Sub-Conscious Pictures

The idea of the ego was born of the endeavor to stitch together how a sub-conscious mental framework existed in relation to desire, morality, cultural programming, and internal pictures. The ego simply mediates between our unconscious desires and reality. But the ego is an insufficient concept when it comes to a practical meditation space. That is why it is important to move toward understanding the concept of sub-conscious pictures.

The ego itself is a theoretical construct and is not actionable as a whole entity; this is why it is often broken down into behavior, emotion, thought, and personality aspects; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the newer modalities that define this approach to inner change.

However, this level of conceptual refinement is still very gross, because the ego is essentially built upon sub-personalities, which are made up of programming, energies, and sub-conscious pictures. Now this can also include many different things, like machine energy, transmedium energy, foreign control energy, past life karma, etc. The list goes on and on.

The number of things you can change about yourself by changing your behaviors and thoughts is very small, because your thoughts and behaviors are often the effect of foreign energy in your space. Think about that for a moment.

Are you able to distinguish which thoughts and emotions are actually yours in your space?

When you start doing lots of meditation you will realize that a lot of the energy, emotion, and thought in your inner space are not actually even yours.

So the problem with approaching personal spiritual development from a psychology/ego perspective is that it does not permit the existence of foreign beings, or energy; so every problem becomes, or gets turned into, a personality aspect, when in actuality most of those problem energies have nothing to do with you other than the fact there was a picture in your space they got in on.

This is why creating change from the level of your core sub-conscious pictures is so important. Our spirits create through pictures. So the pictures you have in your mind and bodyspace will dictate what you create on a sub-conscious level.

The view where everything becomes an aspect of one's personality arises because people confuse the universal with the personal. It is important not to do this, because when you do, it creates a situation where one can no longer differentiate what information is yours, as a spirit, and what information is not yours.

People think that transmedium energy, and foreign control energy, and the thoughts and behaviors, and drama, it creates, is part of their "ego," or part of themselves, but most of that stuff is not yours at all. It is all foreign energy when it comes to your personal space. There was a sub-conscious picture in your space that allowed it in; that is the practical extent of its relation to you.

So you have to be able to differentiate what energy is yours and what is not first. That is the very first step. You also have to be able to see the pictures in your space if you want to be able to change them.

Usually, in meditation, your surface level experience of energy, and images, in your space, sit atop of layers and layers of past experiences/pictures/energies, which sit atop of the original, core, sub-conscious picture.

So when you work through releasing your sub-conscious pictures, and the energies on them, your personality structures will automatically shift as a result, because your personality is built upon all the images in your inner space.

It is important to get down to the lower levels of what is going on in your bodyspace. That means burning through the past life karma just sitting there in your space that your energy is running through. It means ending the unconscious healing agreements you have created. It means de-programming the body level programming that has set in as a result of those pictures. And it also means destroying the foreign programming in your space that is controlling your body's ability to run your own Kundalini and heal itself.

It isn't difficult, if you spend the time to do it, but you have to have clairvoyant tools and get very specific. You have to be able to change energy. And your attention point has to be de-programmed, or free, enough that you can move it around your bodyspace.

The ego tends to become such a poorly internalized theoretical concept for most people that they actually end up invalidating themselves with it. They say, "oh that's just my ego, I need to chill out, or let it go" when they get lit up on an unconscious energy or picture, instead of destroying the picture, and the underlying energy, and validating what their own spirit's information actually is.

So when you move beyond the ego concept and start seeing in terms of the categories of pictures in your space you will become aware of their functionality, or dysfunction, in your space, and in your life. And where you are capable, how you are capable, and what you need to do with your energy, will be something you understand very specifically, and not in a generalized fashion. And with clairvoyant tools, you will be able to see how those pictures are related to, and interact with, all of the foreign energy in your space. Most importantly, you will be able to do something about it.