Judith Catalano (Director, South Bay Psychic Institute)

    "I am awe struck watching Josh share and practice his amazingly wide range of psychic and healing talents and capabilities. I am inspired when I see Josh doing his work. I know he is on his path to doing great things!"

    Melanie Gee

    "I always enjoy getting readings from Josh. I appreciate how Josh reads with an open and non-judgmental mind, and speaks the truth of what he sees. I have received regular readings in which Josh gave me conformation on questions I had regarding my ex, problems I was having with my family, and he gave me validation on what I should do next. My favorite part of getting readings from Josh is his clarity in which he sees symbols and pictures.

    Sometimes he will see a symbol which is quite humorous, but translates into a clear message relating to my current situation. I appreciate the humor he is able to share because it reminds me to bring amusement into my space, something I often forget to do. I would also recommend a getting a healing from Josh as well. Not only do healings make me feel better, Josh is able to give communication of what he sees might be in my space or blocking my flow of energy."

    Rick Glaze

    "Josh displays an intuitive sense and understanding that I have found useful and enlightening.  He has been able to see relationships with other people and events that when discussed become clear to me, as if a light bulb went off.  Josh approaches this very important work with a light heart, humor and amusement which I have found to be very helpful in my understanding. I heartily recommend Josh and suggest that you make an effort to work with him."

    Lisa Erickson

    "Wow thank you for the wonderful reading.......so many things resonated. Thank you Josh. I am very grateful to you."

    Brooke B.


    Thank you so much again! It's think it's so awesome how open you are with sharing your gift with other people. I received a lot of great insight from your reading. I've already sent the recording to my friend Sara! And my parents are super curious about my reading as well, so I will pass your information along to them. Take care and good luck with everything!

    Christine H.

    Hi Josh –

    Thank you SO MUCH for your gift of two readers. I truly appreciate it and it all made sense to me. Many blessings to you and Trish!!