Past Lives Reading

luna_llena.jpgWhere have you been? Who have you been? What kind of karmic cycles and lessons has your spirit gone through?

In a past life reading I look at the energy you are working on releasing in this lifetime. I also look at the energy you are drawing upon from your past lives, which is helping you move forward in this life.

What do your past lives say about the struggles and challenges you are going through in this life?

Back in 2010, during my own clairvoyant training as a student, I read woman named Sandy. This lady had a past life in the 1800's where she promised her husband that she would protect him during his sickness; he was bedridden and in those days just getting a bad flu could kill you. He passed away and she felt tremendously guilty as a result. That man turned out to be her boss in this lifetime.

And her co-worker, Janette, a woman who had killed Sandy in many past lifetimes out of jealousy, was actually using that guilt as a way to manipulate and control Sandy and, by proxy, the business itself. Once Sandy figured out what was really going on underneath all of the drama she was able to release her guilt, end the karma, and move forward into a new job and start her own company.

How is your past life relationship karma affecting you now? How can you move forward in a positive fashion?

Another woman I read had a very strange fascination and, as she said, "obsession" with being kidnapped; she actually fantasized about being kidnapped quite often, because she thought it was romantic. The problem was that now she had a young child in her life and realized how dangerous her intention to the universe could be for him. It turned out, when my colleague and I looked at the situation clairvoyantly, that she was kidnapped in a past lifetime by a Native American man who she later fell in love with. Her bond with him was incredibly strong and the picture became imprinted in her sub-conscious mind that being kidnapped and forcibly taken away was the romantic pathway to love.

Oftentimes though, our past life experiences affect us far more subtly and in ways that are more insidious. Sometimes we repeat a pattern so much in a past life, but are completely unaware that we are doing so, and it carries over into this life where we are totally unconscious to how it is affecting us in the present. What past life experiences are limiting or defining how you experience the world in this lifetime? What past life experiences can you draw upon energetically to expand your awareness and enliven yourself?

A lot of times when you are moving forward spiritually you will unconsciously call forth the energy of a lifetime in which you were enlightened or very spiritually aware. Sometimes people have to release past life beliefs that their spiritual power should only be used certain ways, or that because they abused those abilities they don't deserve to have them in this lifetime.

What past life skills and abilities did you have? How are those relevant to your life now? What are you ready to let go of and what are you ready to step into? Find out for yourself with a clairvoyant past life reading.

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