Neuro Linguistic & Energetic Programming


This article was co-written by Katherine Morrill.

The concept of neuro linguistic programming is a way of looking at programming from a 5th chakra perspective; the concept of energetic programming is a way of looking at the same thing from a 6th chakra perspective. They both come with their own subset of tools and benefits.

The traditional definition of Energetic Programming is "unconscious demands in a person's space." Usually this is seen clairvoyantly as circuitry, or to some people as blue and white dots, specifically in the brain. Programming is often "installed" through pain — by making someone go out of body and into an unconscious state. This can be done through pain and punishment or even voluntarily through hypnosis. Programming is strengthened through repetition. Essentially, with energetic programming, you have a situation where a person is unconsciously operating off of someone else's pictures and energy.

You could, however, widen the definition of negative programming to include any foreign energy in your space that has the intention of controlling you. And you can also look at your own control energy as programming as well.

Furthermore, programming can be defined as a string of pictures with an input picture and output behavior, or state. Maybe your family programmed you to eat every last bite on your dinner plate and you find yourself doing that as an adult. Imagine on top of that a person who also has strong past life pictures around eating and guilt — and behind that let's say they have programming from peers about appearance and how much a person should eat. You can see quite easily how strings of pictures can build up very quickly and become a bit of a tangled mess.

Or you may have programming around alcohol; some people have programming that says they can't just have one drink — they have to get totally drunk. And some people have programming to drink only when they get stressed out, which ends up leading to even more stress. Children of alcoholics may have programming to leave their bodies, or match the ambient energy of their environment, when their sub-conscious mind thinks a situation is dangerous.

Not all programming is bad of course. The programming that encapsulates, or maps, the movements, pictures, and control energy that enables you to drive your car is definitely a good thing, especially when you're on mental auto-pilot and are completely out of body. When you arrive at your destination and wonder how you got there, then that is your programming saving your butt! As a kid, your mother probably programmed you not to run across the street; other examples of positive programming include eating healthy, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, etc.

Hypnotherapy can be a very powerful way to program someone too. Hypnotic anchors are a very simplistic example of programming a picture and associated emotion into someone's space. There is a whole entire field devoted to the concept of programming called NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, and if you're reading this you're probably already familiar with it. NLP has some very cool communication tools and concepts and its own host of limitations and benefits.


NLP doesn't really have any conceptualization for the fact that you can program people without saying a word, simply by throwing your control energy into their space on a pain picture. But I find it even more interesting that in NLP there is really no concept of blowing, or destroying, pictures. And even the swish technique does not actually blow pictures — it simply re-routes the association; most certainly it does not erase them, which is an entirely different ballgame.

In NLP it is common to simply re-arrange all your pictures and run your energy through a new set of them. Really this doesn't resolve underlying core images or issues though. Some pictures, like past life death pictures, or trauma experiences, can actually be extremely painful and take weeks to release. But there is no concept of working your karma on a body level or energy level in NLP either, so it is no surprise that they take the most convenient path! NLP's strength really lies in its ability to shape communication and responses in ways that are beneficial to both parties.

However, the downside to this is that it can also be used to program a person into false choices. And usually that is how NLP is actually taught. The sad thing is that so many people's communication space has been so totally destroyed that this actually represents a step up for them! Programming is not something you want to actually have in your communication space; you want to, ideally, be able to communicate in a neutral fashion. But doing so means you understand how to create in a neutral fashion as well.

The big problem in our culture today is that we cannot differentiate teaching from programming, the guru game, or simple communication. The belief that you have to control others, and program their communication space, in order to get what you want, is a total lie.

The problem with NLP and programming other people in limits (putting your pictures and control energy in their space) is that it creates karma and it is wholly unnecessary in the first place. When you know how to use clairvoyant tools then the need for programming dissolves as you are able to create in a way that is no longer a form of seduction (i.e., taking someone off their own spiritual path). So with clairvoyant tools you learn to speak to and honor other people's freedom to make their own choices. And instead of thinking you need to "make things happen" or program someone to buy your product you can actually just sit back and work the energy in your own space so that the right people can come to you.

In the psychic communities, doing such a thing as running your energy consciously through a set of pictures is understood, but rarely practiced, which is unfortunate, as they focus way too much on destroying all the pictures in your space and "getting neutral" — so they never bother to run new programming. Knowing the intricacies of both Neuro Linguistic Programming and Energetic Programming will give you the most insight into how you can use them best for yourself.

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Energetic Programming are all around us. The level of programming in the world has never been greater yet, ironically, the potential for freedom and creativity has never been greater either! Churches, schools, institutions, authors, celebrities, movies, tv shows, governments, families, friends, and employers all program people to various degrees.

Many of these organizations want to control how you see the world around you so they will try to program your sixth chakra. In some families emotions are too "dangerous" to be expressed so there will be programming and control energy around the family members' emotional space. In other families the women may have a set of pictures and corresponding control energies around the concept of healing others unconsciously. In other words, the women will be programmed to automatically heal others.

Women are often programmed to be a good wife or mother, and to heal their children and husbands. This may not sound like a negative programming, however, when the woman is not using any of that energy to heal herself, like she may want to, it turns into unconscious demands which control her. Imagine that for forty years or more.

You can look at sitcoms, and all television, as a form of cultural programming; imagine millions of people who have 9 to 5 jobs coming home to watch other people work on TV! How funny is that? It doesn't make logical sense does it? Television is terribly toxic from a spiritual and mental perspective.

Edward Bernays realized a long time ago that if you want to get people to act a certain way then you have to show them how to act, because telling them does not work – as their conscious minds go into too much resistance.

Some churches program their members to totally shut down their sixth chakras by putting them into fear. Other churches put images of Christ suffering on the cross into their members' seventh chakras in order to control them through pain and punishment pictures. Catholic churches will place the symbol of the cross in their members' sixth chakras; this is a widely popular way of controlling what information their followers are able to see. Of course they wouldn't describe it like that; they'd say something along the lines of "see only the word of God." All of these examples are things I've seen personally over the years. But in reality, the list is endless.

And churches often program their followers with the concept that in order to be spiritual you have to be poor or devote all your energy, money, and time to gain a higher authority or position within the church; nuns and priests have to take a vow of poverty.

Humanity has more than 2,000 years of religious programming that has been passed down upon pretty much everyone's genetic lines. This has become a big problem, because most of this programming is no longer relevant to the world we actually live in today.

makeup.jpgMany women, and the men who look at them, are programmed with false beauty pictures. Corporations love to program women so that they can sell them cosmetics and makeup. Another big programming in our society is sharing auras. Ever seen a group of girls walking down the street — all dressed in the same brands and, walking and talking, in each others space? They are all sharing one big aura. It is not even really an accepted concept in our culture that someone else's emotions may be in your space, or that you could experience them.

There is a lot of programming in our culture for women to get married and find men who are responsible and rich, with corporate jobs, and cookie cutter homes. Some women find men to be parasitic to their creative energy. How many women really want to be successful and not married? Also there is a strong programming for couples to have children once they are married. The level of guilt programming for women who do not get married and have children is pretty insane in our culture; women are told (by other women) that their ideas, opinions, and experiences aren't truly relevant until they are mothers and have had children.

You might be thinking, "well this is all very common sense stuff. Everyone knows that." But you want to look at where the unconscious demand energy is in your own space from society, family, old teachers, ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, etc. Maybe some control energy snuck its way into your aura from something as simple as a college planning meeting at your school.

Family programming is so strong that most people cannot break free of the limitations and expectations their families put into their space; programming about how you can create, what you can have, how much money you can have, and how you can be in relationships, are all things that families have a huge influence on. Some children develop programming around how and what to say to their parents; to make sure they are not making them angry — or to go unconscious when the parent does get angry.

Going unconscious or feeling very sleepy all of a sudden is a big part of programming. See, foreign programming can't operate or exist in your space too well if you're super-conscious of it; because then you'd have kicked it out. So most of the time programming comes with layers or levels of energy that will send you into an unconscious state. Usually that is white energy.

There is a clairvoyant process to remove programming, which is very straightforward and effective, but it is also very dangerous if misused; I teach the full deprogramming process to special clients and my advanced students in my 12 week clairvoyant training program, but I have not published the information anywhere, even in my advanced clairvoyant tools e-book. Even if I published it you still have to own your space enough to be able to use it, which most people can't do without significant preparatory meditation.

There is a fun and simplistic way I like to deprogram strings of pictures from time to time, but it is a less dangerous method — usually you want the more advanced method for the deeply rooted control energies. But you can just imagine, or see, the circuit of programming in your space during meditation and the corresponding pictures attached to it. Investigate and play around with it; just notice what you notice. If you see a picture and you're not sure what it means, don't worry, you don't have to figure it out.

Sometimes I see a string with a bunch of pictures on it. Then you just take it out of your aura, and imagine you are coating the pictures and string with a special annealing agent to harden them, and then make sure it is outside your aura, and blow it up. After that you want to imagine what you would like to replace it with since you've just created a gap inside your space. Filling it up with pure gold works well.

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