Clairvoyant Trader

The biggest hurdle when it comes to clairvoyantly reading the market is being right or wrong. There is so much self-judgment and invalidation around the issue that most people cannot get over that hurdle. I remember after I had graduated from my one year clairvoyant training program — where I read hundreds of people and worked lifetimes of energy — when I tried to look at the DJIA from a clairvoyant perspective, it was just too intimidating. It took me four more years of working energy before I could approach it.

Because on a certain level, yes, your clairvoyance has to be on the ball to such a high degree that it is in line with what the market will do in the future.

So you have to be in a space where your clairvoyance has been validated over many experiences. And you have to have clairvoyant tools. Otherwise, what will happen is that the first foreign control energy that comes around and invalidates you will totally shut you down. You have to get used to working a certain level of invalidation energy and learn to be neutral so that it doesn't destroy your confidence in yourself.

When I first started learning to trade I was so out of my body that I would actually go into the collective energy of the market — of the E-mini S&P500. Of course that is an absolutely horrible energetic space to be in; it is full of snakes and spiders (not the kind from earth), fear, competition, destroy energy, pain, deceit, machine energy, aliens, distraction beings, and karma. So firstly, you have to be able to work on separating all your matching sub-conscious pictures that you have with that collective space. Now, I no longer feel much of that energy, though I still have to work a lot of snake and spider energy to be able to trade at all.

Using the astral body to go out of body and view the market is inappropriate, ineffective, and unnecessary; it indicates a fundamental lack of understanding of one's clairvoyant space. There are a number of remote viewers who do this. I do not want to invalidate them personally, because their naiveness, and willingness to explore, is actually creatively senior to most psychic institute grads, but this kind of behavior will trash your space beyond belief. The mere idea would be scoffed upon by any professionally trained psychic.

You do not leave your body to do readings unless you want to pay a significant price later.

Before I had any real clairvoyant tools I tried to trade for about a year and just got stuck in that collective space. I would feel this super intense cold fear energy run through my legs and computer. My trading essentially went nowhere for that year. Fast forward six years later — when I had all my clairvoyant tools — I was able to bust through that particular plateau in about two weeks of energy work.

You also have to work on releasing all the spirit guides who are controlling your financial space unbeknownst to you, because otherwise they will totally filter and influence your perceptions. I had one spirit who was this fat old man; he had managed my money in a past life and every time I would take a trade I would start to smell like another person. I mean I would get this horrible yellow-like body odor like never before and it would only come out when I was trading. Some people might say that it was simply stress, but as soon as I ended my karma with that spirit and told him he could leave me alone the smell reduced the more I moved his energy out of my space. After a couple weeks, the last bit of his energy was finally gone and I no longer smelled like that ever again.

Working on releasing all the energy trying to control one's clairvoyant space in an ongoing effort for many psychics. In truth, I worked much of this over the past six years in many different forms, but there always seems to be more to release. Sometimes the most difficult control energies are the ones from beings who you have murdered, destroyed, or controlled in past lives.

These beings are very much stuck and, rightly, angry with you. Many times you will have to honestly admit your semi-ignorant position of having a new body in this lifetime while trying to be as aware as possible of what you had done in the past.

At some point you have to ask those beings to forgive you knowing that their knowledge and experience of the situation in present time is probably much more real than yours. Understand that if you ask for forgiveness at that level you will likely have to give it away at that level at some point as well. Most of the times those beings are very much ready to hear you and receive a spiritual hello; they are also usually willing to let you go so that they can move on.

Then there is the family control energy, and past life energy, in your space limiting what you can see at a clairvoyant level. This takes many years for most people to work through, because it will affect you on a body and a genetic level. So you have to be able to work energy from that space and have the knowledge and tools to do it.

Seeing into the future isn't an issue; something like that becomes boring once you can do it enough. The issue is having to keep your space clear enough to do it consistently. If I don't meditate and work energy for at least 2-6 hours a week I can't even function in my normal life, let alone look at the markets.

Also, you have to learn the difference between your pictures, your self-sabotaging subconscious mis-beliefs, your family pictures, and the pictures being thrown at you by beings who are trying to control what you see. That level of distinction requires significant reading experience; your inner investigative nature has to be relentless.

Most people will need to meditate several times a week for at least 5 years to find their space enough to bust all this energy. And none of this stuff is done alone; it has to be done in conjunction with highly capable psychics on a regular basis. That's what the psychic institutes are for. The kind of meditation where you clear your head and sit in peacefulness will not cut it; that is for spiritual dilettantes and it won't get you anywhere.

This is all just simple preparatory work necessary to be able to see clairvoyantly in the first place. Eventually you will get to a space where you can look at the market open, for example, and see that the POC and VWAP will shift and hit each other right after price tests the value area high and then drops way down for a 12+ point move. Yes, it is possible to see what will happen at that level of tick, by tick, detail.

But not always. There are times when the future is very much determined and you can see that price will make a large move in a particular direction at a certain time. But there are other times when the market participants genuinely have not decided yet what to do. Learning when to look at what time frames is something that requires some repeated reading experience and knowledge of international market hours, options expiry pins, contract rollover days, and setting energy; however, mostly it comes down to two things: your personal timeline limits and theta/time decay.

Now you can clairvoyantly read the market at a symbolic level or in a very literal fashion.

Sometimes you may see a variety of different symbolic images and you have to piece them all together to get a complete picture of what will happen and where on the volume profile your entry should be and what your target should be. Other times, you will see exactly a chart, or depth of market ladder, and see the exact move that will happen.

Reading the market at a symbolic level requires you to understand your spirit's own inner language. Doing many readings over many years helps, but in truth, trading has its own set of symbols you will never encounter anywhere else; so you have to learn those from your own sub-conscious so that you can make sense of what you see.

The first time I did this in deeper detail was on 7/11/16, for the Nasdaq E-mini futures open. I saw an image of someone sucking a straw, then a roll of white paper towels; confused, I looked again and then saw someone reaching for a door threshold. Clearly, this indicated price was going up after a level of absorption. When I looked clairvoyantly at where I should enter I saw a Post-it note that was weathered and posted outside a car windshield on the driver's side, in the bottom corner.

I was confused about what this represented and I subsequently saw my own symbol for the VWAP. When I woke up in the morning I saw that price had been "weathered" and chopped through the VWAP a bit overnight. Immediately at the open, price dipped just below the VWAP — just right outside value area low; the VWAP was at the bottom left of the value area on the volume profile. I wasn't quite sure so I got in at the VWAP itself. But the setup matched my clairvoyant image, which I saw the prior day's morning. As you can see on the Jigsaw DOM in the right-side image below, 257 contracts hit into the bid at 4536 and buyers just ate it all up and then price moved up. I got a couple of points and it was a very validating experience.

It takes a few months to understand all the symbols you see and figure out what they mean, because when you are starting out there are many times when you have to wait till a move is over to understand what the symbols you were seeing represented. Then you can add them to your mental database. And then you have to remember that your roadmap of clairvoyant symbols is not necessarily the road itself; there is a level of fluidity and integration needed, that is easy to see after the fact, but which requires more trading experience to coordinate in the moment.

So, usually it takes a bit of time to compile all of these images into a workable trade. I look at the NQ market open the evening before, and the morning of, to compile my clairvoyant images into something workable. Sometimes things are very obvious and straightforward, and other times they aren't. Sometimes you're totally on the ball and can see with perfect clarity and other times you get side-tracked because you've got other things to deal with in your life so you don't see much of anything. There are different levels of clairvoyance.

The best however, is when you close your eyes and see the exact DOM and each tick of an upcoming move. Sometimes I will see that. Now imagine how much money you could make if you could see clairvoyantly at that level of detail all the time, in real time. In just a few weeks you could become very wealthy. The more energy you work, the clearer your inner vision becomes. So it is just a matter of clearing your space.

If you're a beginner to meditation then it likely means you have a long road ahead of you to get to that level, because there are lifetimes upon lifetimes of energy to work through in your inner space. I am a little surprised that there aren't more institutional clairvoyant graduates doing this kind of work since some of them can see exceptionally well; many grads tend to get stuck at the institutes doing the same stuff all the time though. And the institutes aren't exactly beacons of raw creativity or permissive exploration; they tend to like to do things the way they have for the past 40+ years. So it makes sense that there aren't really that many graduates trading clairvoyantly. Some of the top graduates I have met went on to leave the institutes and no one aside from their close friends or colleagues even know they are some of the world's best clairvoyant readers; they remain almost completely hidden from the outside world.

Trading the FOMC announcements can make you instant profit, but the problem is that lately there seems to be quite obvious leaks that end up affecting the market. Then I get a clairvoyant image/notification that something is not right and then I have to look at the whole thing over again if I want to try and trade it. Situations do change. On these days, clairvoyance works better if you do your observations right before the announcement. I also like to look clairvoyantly at the 12:00pm PST buy program (Plunge Protection Team?) and see if that will kick in, like it did every day on the fourth of July week this year (2016) — courting all the S&P500 2100 doubt.

Now there are also beings who manage the markets. The level of transmedium energy in the markets is very high so it is important to be able to separate from that. When the transmedium energy gets too out of control it feels hysterical/irrational and vibrates at platinum white or silver; it also feels very slippery. The way most traders experience this action is as a kind of whipsawy-chase it movement where the market seems to be ticking irrationally against the volume profile.

Sometimes, when volatility is high, and there is a lot of participation, the beings will show you different scenarios, which they would like to see play out. Generally, however, you do not want to read this level of information since beings play so many games. Keymaster beings manage accounts, and transactions, and they can blind you with greed and invalidation energy. Distraction beings will throw sex pictures at you, or a variety of thoughts, to get you side-tracked. Most people are so unconscious they would not even be able to tell that these thoughts were not their own.

You also have to get senior to all the upper management/money manager energy that looks very well put together, but actually vibrates at total effort on a psychic level. That effort energy will block your third, sixth, and seventh chakras otherwise.

A big issue is clearing out the beings from your space so that you can see clearly for yourself. Like I said, beings are all about playing games. It's generally better if they are not involved in the space at all so that the space can be grounded for you. The big lie is that you cannot do it yourself — that you need a being without a body to help you.

98% of the time the pictures you see should match up with what happens. If that isn't the case then you need to work a level of invalidation, distraction, family energy, unconsciousness, or destroy energy, etc., that is messing with your ability to see clearly.

However, there are those strange days (the other 2%) when things become very tricky and ungrounded; but you will see when those days are quite clearly. For example, I once saw the picture that a particular day was to be avoided and then I sat back and observed trailing stops being hit on the buy side, then on the sell side, then back and forth pretty much all day long. On these days, you can see, right at the open, all kinds of unusual/fishy players coming in at a clairvoyant level. Usually, I see this energy as a particular class of beings, who you will discover on your own if you go down this path.

If you are seeing conflicting images it means you need to work destroy energy, in your own space, or alien energy, or it may mean the situation has changed due to an unexpected announcement.

Some very interesting things start to happen when you clear out all black energy out of your space. All the limitations of what you thought you couldn't see begin to change. You can start seeing hourly time frames on three minute charts. It takes weeks, or months, however, of clearing work, and practice, to really tune into the ability to see a time frame accurately from a clairvoyant perspective. It has taken me a whole year of working energy to be able to clairvoyantly see, on an hourly chart, the first half of the trading day.

James Dalton tells us that, "time regulates all opportunities." So it makes sense that the more time an event takes (i.e., the greater the success of an auction/more volume built up) the easier it will be to see in the future from a clairvoyant perspective. Dalton says, "As you become skilled at viewing profiles, you will begin to visualize what a completed profile will look like prior to the end of the trading session." Ideally, you should be able to see this 6-12 hours out.

Much of the work of reading the market clairvoyantly is about learning to learn and learning to gain unconscious competence at a clairvoyant level around seeing time frames and seeing into time. There is a certain class of beings I will not mention here that you have to have seniority over in order to do this. If you are clairvoyant you can see these beings and they will visit you; otherwise there is no reason to know about them. Is your strength in being able to see very narrowly, in short time-frames, or very broadly in larger time frames? Each person is different.

Market participants generate a large mass consciousness of expectation energy as well. These pictures can occlude even a skilled clairvoyant's vision and invalidate them. Seeing beyond this energy to the reality of the future is difficult at first, but a necessary, growth period/experience. It will lose you money, but is part of the early stages of learning. You have to get senior to the expectation energy and be neutral to it; you can't match it unconsciously. And after six months or so it actually becomes very easy to see and bust as part of your daily trading practice.

Genuine moments of indecision happen every day in the markets. There are some days, however, when large moves are much easier to see clairvoyantly than others — at exact points in time. It is safer, and easier, to trade those days. Why is that? I am not a quantum scientist; I am not sure. I just see pictures. Remember, I am generally looking at the market at a daily level. Longer term data points beyond one week are a bit more difficult to see until you start looking at monthly and yearly charts. The problem with doing that, however, is that it takes longer to get feedback about your accuracy.

To accurately trade the close I have to look at price around 11:30AM PST; I notice that if I look before that time then there are too many variables in play. It is possible to see where price will close within 1-2 points. I am just starting to explore these kinds of trades. So you can take advantage of all the negative theta in the last minutes of the day and load up on cheap derivative contracts. This is an incredibly exciting prospect.

Now, seeing what will happen in the market and trusting yourself to pull the trigger are two very different things. At the psychic institutes, you learn to be a neutral observer. But in trading, you have to actually take action; this is quite a shock at first. The issue with trading clairvoyantly is that you have to disengage the analyzer almost to zero. Otherwise, what happens is that the analytical self wants to step in-between you and the market and start calling the shots. This almost never works for me, because by the time the analytical part of myself has "confirmation" the move is already played out and the market goes the other way. Part of this issue has to do with not feeling in control on a body level. The analyzer is usually more of a problem than not when it comes to clairvoyant reading. Integrating clairvoyance on a body level sounds really easy until you start trading and put real money on the line.

CL (crude oil) is very interesting. It is totally transmedium and yet, strangely, the weekly EIA report provides a very solid trade that is fairly easy to see on a clairvoyant level, days beforehand. This is because you can see the Cushing work order quite clearly ahead of time. I talked to one trader who has been trading for over 30 years and asked him, "if you were psychic what would you do?" and he said, "I would just trade oil once a week." CL has every government in the world plugged into it, and transmediumship on a totally wild level. When I look at CL, I see a rose with two swords crossed in front of it and the entrance to the market I see as a facade of a gigantic black snake head where you walk in the door through its open mouth. The very lifeblood of our economy is the fossilized remains of dinosaurs, plants, and organic material — essentially the energy of death. Talk about serious!

Trading the NQ open is my favorite. The Nasdaq Emini has a lot of present time, colorful, electric energy and liveliness that other markets don't have. Of course the highest time frame is set by what seems like the energy of old men and colonial era money. On the NQ open everything happens quickly and you are right or wrong pretty much immediately. I like to clairvoyantly look at the initial dump of Market on Open orders right at the dot at 6:30:00 am PST. Then after that, there is the first directional decision, which I look at and try to see how far it will go — and in which direction. I like to see a literal DOM, but sometimes I see symbolic pictures for an entry, and a target, and that works too. You can see one of these mornings in the video below (direct link):

The trades where I lose money are the ones where I either listen to my analyzer, ignore my clairvoyance, get bored/impatient, or make an assumption based on my clairvoyance. It has taken me more bad trades than I would rather admit in order to learn not to make assumptions. Trusting yourself is the real key, however, and seems to require a lot of practice. When I stick to just my clairvoyant trades at the open, I do great, because I have enough time to compile my information and I can get enough relaxation to pop my astral body out just enough to see significantly more clearly. That is the real secret. However, if you have to depend on a little trick like that then you should really be clearing the energy blocking the persistency of your screen.

The hard part is letting go of the fear of losing and even harder is not doing anything dumb for the rest of the day. Letting go of that inner demand that says you have to get the perfect entry can also be difficult, especially if your mom's energy is still in your space on those childhood pictures.

Of course, on some level the analyzer has to be engaged so that you are not trading completely rudderless. You can use the volume profile, moving averages, absorption, historical lack of interest at a particular price, or whatever else you want, to have some kind of context for your clairvoyant inquiries, but it is best to keep the analyzer on a very low setting so it doesn't mess things up.

All of the beings (spirits) that reside in your analyzer (in the frontal sinus) — who aren't actually you — have to be de-programmed as well. These beings will completely influence your perception to such a degree that you will be unable to filter information in your own way. So if you identify as "an intellectual" then you are in a difficult place, because that is code for someone who is so stuck in their analytical space that they usually can't be in the body enough to run their own third chakra energies. And it means you have to destroy an entire level of programming where you have essentially gone numb to creating in the body.

The other difficulty is in de-programming all of the unconscious effort energy in your space. From a very young age, especially in school, we are taught that if you don't know what to do that you should go into intense effort and try to "figure it out" (i.e., engage the analyzer). The problem is that this is entirely dysfunctional when it comes to being in, and creating, an effective clairvoyant space. It also, erroneously, teaches people to approach new learning experiences as problems. Then, on top of that, you have to destroy the parental programming that validates you for being in effort and your own inner child's desire to "do your best for mom/dad," i.e., be in effort.

All that effort just makes everything significantly more difficult. So, usually this programming is on a body level, and in the genetics, and it needs to be removed and replaced with something more appropriate. Even worse are all the underlying religious control energies, and survival energies, that essentially say, "if you aren't vibrating at seriousness then how can you be taken seriously?" and which say, "intense effort and hard work are valuable." Maybe that was true in your past lives on a survival level, but it is an obstacle to being clairvoyant. This level of past life energy has to be destroyed in order to see clearly.

Then there are all the death pictures in your space tied into that effort energy. How many times have you gone into effort (really resistance) in a past life right before you died? Like that was going to help you? Ha! Now you have to pull out all those death experiences, and all that insanely intense energy, out of that effort energy that is stuck in your space and destroy it in order to let it go. Then you have to de-program the level of unconscious energy that keeps you stuck re-creating that effort energy when you don't know what to do. And that is just so that you can get into your body enough, as a spirit, to be able to see a picture without totally locking up!

And you might have to spend a few months again, and again, working on popping your Kundalini so that you can even light up those death pictures.

Furthermore, all the energy in your space that is stuck in the sub-conscious picture that asks, "what do I do?" will attract a level of invalidation energy from the opposite sex as well as family members, because it brings your entire competency into question. But it is legitimate to not know what to do at times. This is childhood level programming. So you have to deal with re-integrating, or re-routing, that picture and the level of energy associated with it so that it doesn't "light up" the people around you. Then you have to pull the energy of that question out of anyone else's space you put it into, especially from when you were younger. Usually, that will be your mother if you are a man and your father if you are a woman. Then you want to destroy the energy altogether; it will be in the seventh chakra most likely.

Usually this "what do I do" type energy is a form of survival energy and anxiety that has to be released; in my case, I had a past life as an orphan, tied into this energy, and an agreement to be dependent upon my mom as a form of validation and love. Because it was such a huge/major past life picture bleeding over into this life it took me a long time to be able to even get to the picture before I could release it.

You also have to work all the mind control energy, unconscious energy, military surveillance / distraction, and alien energy that limits what information you can bring into your body and what you can see; that is some of the most difficult stuff to work. Alien energy is the most problematic, seniority wise; avoid seeking it out. If you see alien energy coming into the market strongly you might as well just sit that day out, unless you can figure out their game. It takes many years of kicking those kinds of beings out of your space to get enough seniority to understand their tricks. They are the best game players. If you have been involved with a lot of crazy stuff in past lives then your karma requires more awareness and information to work through in this lifetime. Your picture of who you are will be based on the composite profile of your past life experiences, skills, and decisions.

This planet is totally controlled by transmedium and machine energy; so you have to get a measure of seniority over it if you want to create consciously on any level. In my experience, anyone who has not worked energy is controlled by transmedium energy on a level they cannot comprehend. They simply walk around thinking that it is who they are. We all have it to some degree, especially clairvoyants.

And, like I said above, all of this is just the preparatory work; none of it actually addresses the one thing you are actually trading for: money and financial freedom. So you have to work on your financial space from an energetic perspective too.

Trading brings up a huge level of suffocating self-expectation and responsibility energy for many traders. Imagine what you are going to do with all the money you make, or if you don't have a corporate job then imagine all the weight of your entire family riding on you making this work every week!

This is a terrible energetic space to be in because it is so heavy and restricting; responsibility destroys a person's ability to create in ease from the sixth or seventh chakras. And what it really does is to keep you stuck in a level of out-of-control healing games, because one has not realized the neutrality of actually being a spirit. You have the power to end your karma at any time.

It is possible to see a 20+ point move on the NQ and still completely bungle it because your ridiculously tight stop was just one tick too tight; that is very frustrating. So you have to work on the fear of losing money and how that manifests in your trading. Are you chickening out and taking off profits way too early? Are you using stops that are not realistic for the volatility of the market you are trading? Are you afraid of having money? If your family has the picture that losing 5 dollars is just as serious as losing 5 billion dollars, then you will have to work that level of failure energy too.

Most of that kind of stuff is addressed by the trading psychologists and is very important to work; trading reveals your true personality. There is no way to hide. But personality is only a small portion of the equation. How much of your personality is actually an effect of foreign energy in your space? Think about that for a moment. Entire aspects of who you think you are may not even actually be you, but merely foreign energy influencing you on an unconscious level. Unless you have done several years of clairvoyant meditation how would you even know?

In today's world — where almost everyone operates at the level of the analyzer — clairvoyance is really the next ultimate edge. The people who believe they cannot see into the future are not aware of the possibility that they even have an attention point and that it can be moved outside the body, let alone outside the analyzer, where it has resided their entire lifetime; they have no practical concept of being a spirit in a body or tools to deal with that reality. That is a very difficult position to be in, because in the future, one has to wonder, how can they compete with people who are not only neutral to the energy of competition, but who can also see into the future?

Are you merely a player in the game or are you neutral to the whole orchestration? Do you operate at the sixth chakra or below it? If you can't end your karma then how much free choice do you have?

The truth is that anyone can learn to see pictures at a professional clairvoyant level in a few month's time. The problem is: in doing that, how are you going to work the energy that comes up without any tools or without a grounded, karma free, space? Are you really ready to blow your entire life up? I have seen it happen to many people. If you don't have the tools, experience, community, or programming to deal with the difficult energies you light up then you will be very sorry when you have to deal with situations beyond your capability.

Most of what passes for "spirituality" out there today is either so bland it is useless or just the latest version of pure, unadulterated, out-of-control transmediumship masquerading as anything else. You can't ground anything real or practical in that space without having worked your pictures in the body for several years first. Pretty much all my friends and colleagues are clairvoyants. Working energy has become my life; there is no other option if I want to function.

So, aside from blowing your life up as you know it, the second risk is that it takes so much meditation time to become a skilled, i.e., non-transmedium, clairvoyant, that you may discover that everything you thought was once important is of little significance as you learn who you really are as a spirit. And if you do open the door to this level of awareness you can't go back; so the third risk arises if you stop using your clairvoyant tools — you might not be able to handle the level of transmedium energy in your life and you may turn into a schizophrenic. That line can become very thin; I have seen it happen.

On the other hand, you might just have the experience of a lifetime, and possibly make a bunch of money too.

November 2023 Update: I thought I should write an update to this article.

I originally started my clairvoyant trading journey in 2015. The truth is that everything I wrote for this article was accurate at the time. However, it took nearly 9 more years of meditation to be successful. You have to get out of survival completely before you can work a lot of deeper pictures. To do that you have to work a lot of survival and desperation energy. It isn't particularly fun. I had to work through many more past lives to clear my space in addition to clearing failure pictures, family energy, and resistance to pain pictures. You also need a good stable job or a stable source of income that you are bringing in yourself.

Joining a group of long-term successful traders is also important to match the energy of success in your crown. That kicked out the family energy in my space.

It is possible to see the market accurately and clairvoyantly, repeatedly and consistently, day in and day out. However, almost no one is willing to do the work required. I talked with nearly 30 other very capable psychics, who are colleagues, and not a single one was really interested in doing the work, which might have only been 2-4 years for most of them. Almost no one wants to clear the level of invalidation, pain, death, and past life energy that it requires. Unfortunately, you are looking at 10-15 years of meditation at the absolute minimum for most people who are starting from scratch.

You have to be completely alcohol free and exercising every single day for at least a year if you want to get into your body enough to succeed at clearing the deeper pictures. Some genetic pictures can only be brought to the surface through very hard physical exercise. You have to understand the difference between the gathering information phase and the translation phase. Most psychic readers will never understand this or surpass this stage in the learning process. That's because there is literally not a single teacher on the planet describing in full detail how this all works. You have to figure it out yourself. You have to understand that your gathering information phase will change as you grow.

You have to have enough intuition to have a good handle, or sense, of what you're seeing; the actual image isn't enough. You need some wisdom about it. This is probably the one thing that can't be taught. You may see a pattern and you have to have enough sense about you to know that it is going play out in two 3 minute bars, rather than take half the day. You have to watch the market every single day closely; that means you have to watch it, tick by tick, for 6 and a half hours and understand the emotions the participants are feeling without matching them yourself — day in and day out. You have to look at it before you go to sleep.

One of the big secrets I've never heard anyone ever discuss before is that the market has a spirit. It is a man. You can read the market clairvoyantly many hundreds of times and only really see its spirit maybe a handful of times if you're lucky. I won't put him into precise words; you'll have to learn to see him yourself. But he is quite an amazing vision to see when you do. Very few things can compare.

There are groups of "remote viewers" interested in this subject and I have found them all to be so personally attached to their protocols and ideas of clairvoyance that they aren't able to effectively clear their pictures; they are content to spin their wheels and stay within their marginally effective, and misguided, protocols. Imagine trying to accomplish a goal without a long term plan, or vision, or even knowing what you are doing. It is impossible to succeed in that fashion.

They may have occasional success or even see good stocks, but there is a big difference between that and clearly seeing the hourly, three minute, or daily time frame for the entire market consistenly, every single day. You need to be able to have the skill to not only successfully see the daily pattern, opening drive, and trade locations, but also be able to execute. You have to be good enough to succeed in any market condition on a day time frame if you want to call yourself a day trader, let alone a clairvoyant one.

At this point, even I have two more years of past life pain, torture, death, and genocide pictures to clear out before I am where I really want to be. But I am seeing the market clearly every day and it is possible if you're willing to put in all the time and commitment.
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All trading <futures, commodities, stocks, options, currencies, bitcoins, altcoins, icos, and horses> has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This article is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell any financial instrument. No representation is being made that any information you receive will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed or shown in this article. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please use common sense. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can ensure returns or prevent losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the system described in this document will generate returns or ensure against losses.


Personal Disclaimer
This article represents my personal experiences. If you aren't a graduate of a 1 or 2 year clairvoyant training program then most of this information should be taken for entertainment purposes only since it won't actually help you without a graduate level clairvoyant experience. It takes the average person about 5 years of regular clairvoyant meditation to be able to see at the level where they could begin to consider doing this kind of trading.