Bitcoin Mania & the Altcoin Report

Bitcoin mania has spread everywhere. I remember considering it when it was at $1. At the time, it just seemed too complicated to actually purchase, so I decided not to. For a long time I was pretty sour that I missed that opportunity. Who knew, a publicly concatenated linked list would actually turn into a billion dollar asset class. I should have paid more attention in C++ class in high school, I thought.

In reality, I was just not neutral to the picture of missing an opportunity. When you are a psychic you can see Bitcoin-like opportunities at least once a week in the bigger markets. Opportunities to take advantage of cheap contracts, and negative theta, and make 100%+ returns occur often.

But people just wouldn't stop talking to me about Bitcoin. Every week I would hear something new from a friend, family member, or colleague. So I relented. When I began to explore Bitcoin again it became apparent almost immediately that third generation technologies were poised to become the next Bitcoin.

As of January, 2018, Bitcoin simply cannot scale. Even if you upgrade, or increase, the size limit of each block in the blockchain, what about in 20 years? And the point at which you use a second layer to verify transactions basically means you are defeating the purpose of Bitcoin in the first place. Yes, with Segwit or lighting tech, Bitcoin will live on in some form, but I think it is no longer as exciting from a developer's perspective, compared to some of the new technology being imagined. It just isn't the hot new thing anymore.

So, I would say that no matter how you look at it, Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming imaginatively outdated. Developers want new ideas to play with, new problems to solve, and new markets to disrupt. So, not only is it outdated, but the level of implementation when it comes to actual distributed apps for Ethereum is pretty sad. The only real successfully adopted distributed app has been cryptokitties and even that congested the Ethereum network. So the current level of distributed ledger technology is not going to cut it. Banks and large institutions want instant transactions and they want them cheap, or free.

The Altcoin space seems to be flooded with vaporware coins, Bitcoin knockoffs, and outright scams. Altcoin review sites seem to just be advertisements that don't want to step on anyone's toes. So those are no help. I think some of the folks that say the market cap for these coins are going to limit their upside potential do not understand the promise behind these projects; they are going to fundamentally change the world in a huge way. Nation states and central banks will become irrelevant. Furthermore, these aren't equities, they are (mostly) currencies. The market cap of the USD is around 55 times bigger than Bitcoin right now. That is the space they are competing for.

So when first researching these Altcoins, I thought, "the first thing I should do is just go through the list of these and eliminate all the ones based on the current blockchain technology." Now when you do that, you are left with a list of companies making big promises. Some of the projects based on Ethereum do have potential and are likely to realize faster gains, accomplishments, and goals than new technologies that have yet to even be imagined.

So how can you actually tell the difference between what is a legitimate project with great potential and the ones destined to go nowhere fast? As a clairvoyant, it is fairly easy to tell the difference when you examine the energy. However, some coins are so poorly thought out that it doesn't take a psychic to figure out they are junk.

At the time, I had no particular interest, or holdings, in any coins, so I was fairly neutral when I looked at the charts on a clairvoyant level. I clairvoyantly looked at a couple coins, recorded my findings, and started to look at the actual github commits, the number of contributors, and the dates of the last source code updates. Then I started going to the forums, the telegram channels, and chat rooms; I started asking questions about the technologies.

The report includes clairvoyant observations on: Ripple, Bitshares, Cardano, Tron, IOTA, Experience Points, Bodhi, ByteCoin, Raiblocks, Maidsafe, and Blackcoin. Our data indicates that some of these are going to be big failures, while others are only short term holds; a few represent good long term opportunities; one of them represents a possible serious market event happening.

As I explored the communities of these different projects I could see the differences. The Hashgraph telegram chat room seemed to be full of angry users upset over the fact that Hashgraph was not currently open source. The nastiness was quite apparent. Furthermore, they don't offer any cryptocurrencies, so you can scratch them off your list for now.

The Holochain community seemed very warm and excited. There is a sense of trust and balance there. But I wondered, "Was anyone going to use the holochain nodes? Would electricity costs surpass the payouts for node hosts? Could it deal with censorship?"

The Tron project by Chinese billionaire, Justin Sun, looked ambitious, but how realistic would it be, I wondered? What did the long-term viability look like? From a clairvoyant perspective, the price target I saw it settling on was very apparent. My colleagues who looked at it saw similar targets.

Bitshares looked like interesting technology, and a good idea, but the forums made it seem like they were struggling to stay relevant or keep their heads above water.

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I continued to look clairvoyantly at the one year, and five year, charts to see what the longer term viability of these Altcoins would look like. What I saw was an interesting pattern across the board. Then I decided to have my sister look at the same coins; she is also a professional psychic and a psychic institute graduate.

She looked at them without my input. I just sent her the coinmarketcap pages of each coin. If that wasn't enough, she asked her best friend, who is also a very capable psychic, to look at the same coins, using a remote viewing procedure that she enjoys for added double-blindness, with no input or guidance from my sister.

With that procedure my sister just wrote down a unique number for each Altcoin and asked her best friend what she saw for each number. Then, I decided to ask two more colleagues of mine what they thought. Both of my colleagues are psychic institute graduates; one was a bond trader and the other was a Bitcoin enthusiast already, so I questioned how neutral the latter's assessments would be.

But regardless, I thought it would be useful data for comparison. Most of the people I know are psychics, so it makes a project like this fairly easy and fun.

My colleagues looked at all the data independently and reported what they saw to me. So that's five professional psychics looking at the same Altcoins, all independently, over 1 to 5 year time frames. I have been looking at ES, CL, and EUR/USD charts everyday for the past two years, so I feel pretty confident in my ability to see price action clairvoyantly.

Now you can go out and do the same research project on your own; you can hire five psychics at $150/hr to look at the charts. Or you can get my Altcoin report and just see the results of our clairvoyant readings for yourself. I am not an investment advisor, however, so you will have to look at what we saw and make your own decisions about what to do.

Most psychics aren't graduates of a psychic institute, and the reading you get from a non-grad could very well be them just telling you what your mother's control beings want you to hear, while the reader is so naive that they think those beings are your spirit guides. I actually had a reading like that one time. I was really excited to see how people who weren't trained at a psychic school did readings. It was a horrible experience and it was the last time I ever got a reading from someone who wasn't a psychic institute graduate, or student. That is the story with most psychics on the planet right now.

The one's who aren't outright scamming you are so stuck in transmedium energy that they can't ground, or create, anything practical for themselves or their clients; these kinds of clairvoyants are usually running so many out-of-control healing pictures that they can't see anything from a neutral perspective either; to them, money is bad, dirty, or evil.

All of the people who did the readings for this project have been meditating and working energy every day for the last 5-7 years, or more. We were all professionally trained by one of the top psychic institutes, but we didn't get stuck there to become institutional robots either; we moved on to new, creative, horizons. We are all working on our financial success — using our clairvoyant tools, and abilities, to move in a positive direction where money validates our creative goals.

This is your opportunity to benefit from our cumulative work of close to 30 years of clairvoyant meditation, readings, and training. That is a lot of experience. Each of us has read hundreds of people over the past few years.

My sister and her friend really didn't know much about markets, or Altcoins at all, so they were very neutral and very green; often that is the best place to read from, because you are not in any level of your own expectation energy. The more neutral you are the better you can see clairvoyantly.

I think the clairvoyant data gathering from this exercise was good in terms of the experience basis, and well roundedness, of having psychics with different perspectives examine the same Altcoins. The group makeup accounted for any lack of neutrality quite well in my opinion. Having two women and three men kept it balanced.

What we saw was very interesting. Many of our visions overlapped in a very congruent fashion. The advantage of reading charts independently as psychics is that you eliminate the possibility that someone is matching the lowest common denominator, a level of expectation, control, or unconsciousness, which can happen when readings take place in a shared group setting. It just eliminates that level of doubt from the equation as each reader is in their own personal silo so to speak.

If you have been trading, or investing, long enough you know that simply knowing that price is going up, or down, is not good enough to actually make money. You need realistic price levels, targets, and clear time frames. Exactly where price is going and the flexibility, or mercurial nature, of the Altcoins we examined was very apparent to each of us reading the charts clairvoyantly.

I personally believe that the opportunity to make large returns on some of these coins still exists. I know that I want to get in early and feel that stable, relaxing, sense of self-trust, and the joy of profitability and success, rather than hesitate and feel sour that I missed the trade of a lifetime.

The second, and third, generation waves of Bitcoin technology are coming.

The time to act is now.

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While I am not an investment advisor, and I cannot tell you how to invest your money, or which Altcoin, you should buy, I can share with you the results of our clairvoyant meditations for the projects we looked at. From there, you have to make your own decisions.
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